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Diversity and Inclusivity

We declare that diversity and inclusivity are core values. We dedicate ourselves to build a culture grounded in principles of equity, social justice, and excellence. We fundamentally affirm and embrace the multiple identities, values, belief systems, and cultural practices of all individuals and communities. We will address fundamental issues of bias, discrimination, and exclusion.

The University of Wisconsin-River Falls is deeply committed to creating an educational community which enhances student awareness and appreciation of diverse ethnicities and cultures and identities which actively supports tolerance, civility and respect for the rights and sensibilities of each person without regard to economic status, ethnic background, political views, sexual orientation, or other personal characteristics or beliefs.  This commitment is reflected in one of our university's core values—inclusiveness—in which we commit ourselves to "create an environment of mutual respect, professional behavior, academic freedom and appreciation of individual differences and rich cultural diversity."  We have a curricular diversity requirement for all students, we provide opportunities for faculty/staff development and we support diverse student organizations representing various identity-based groups. 

As chancellor, I believe that our strong and purposeful support of the many faces and aspects of diversity enriches our academic enterprise, and intentionally prepares our students to become better citizens tomorrow.