College Requirements

Bachelor of Science Degree

Bachelor of Science

General Education 38 cr. hrs.

Major/Minor (Major 34-36/Minor 21-24) 55-60 cr. hrs.

Additional departmental requirements: 0-28 cr. hrs.
(i.e., supporting courses outside the major/minor departments) Requirements vary according to program.
Liberal Arts 3 courses: minimum of 8 credits
See liberal arts courses listing below. Courses must be at the 200 level or above with the exception of Modern Language courses; testout credits are excluded.
Students must take courses from at least 2 divisions. (The divisions are: Humanities/Fine Arts; Modern Language; Sciences/Mathematics; Social Sciences.) Students may take 1 course in division of either major or minor, but course cannot be in either the major or minor designator area. (e.g., a Psychology major/Sociology minor could take a History course for Liberal Arts, but could not take either a PSYC or SOCI designated course to fulfill this requirement). Students in multidisciplinary programs (e.g., Marketing Communications) should follow liberal arts policy of that degree.
Note: Although there are courses listed in the Liberal Arts section that can also fulfill other requirements (e.g., SPAN 101 can used in General Education: Communication-Speaking and Listening) courses taken for Liberal Arts credit cannot be double counted in any other area (e.g., major, minor).
University Requirements (American Cultural Diversity and Global Perspectives): 6 cr. hrs.
Students must take both an American Cultural Diversity (ACD) and a Global Perspectives (GP) course. Liberal Arts courses with ACD designation double count toward both the Liberal Arts and the American Cultural Diversity requirements. Liberal Arts courses with GP designation double count toward both the Liberal Arts and the Global Perspectives requirements.
Electives: 3-22 cr. hrs.
As needed to achieve a total of 120 credits. A maximum of 12 credits may be taken in the department of the major; all other credits must be outside the department of the major.

TOTAL 120 cr. hrs.