Undergraduate Research



UWRF has numerous opportunities for students interested in doing undergraduate research. Some are listed below, but there may be additional faculty members with grants to support undergraduate research. Contact the faculty members you may be considering to see if they have funding available.

Faculty Research Interests- Individual faculty research interests can be found on the faculty member's homepage.

Scholarships, Grants, and Other Opportunities:

  • For Credit - Chemistry 295 and 495 - Perform chemical research for credit that will count toward your degree. Sign up when you register and talk to faculty members to decide on a project.
  • McNair Scholars - The McNair Scholars Program is for "1st generation," low-income students or from groups under-represented in doctoral studies. The program is designed to prepare students intending to go to graduate school for the application process and to give them an idea of what to expect once they get there.
  • Collaborative Research Scholarly and Creative Activity Program Collaborative RSCA funds have been available to fund student research the past two years and may be available in upcoming years. Students write a proposal with the assistance of the professor they wish to have supervise their work and submit it to the Faculty/Academic Staff Development Board (FASDB).
  • UWRF Faculty Research Grants - Several members of our faculty have received these grants in recent years. These grants provide funding for student salaries and supplies.
  • External Research Grants - Faculty members within the department also apply for external funding.