Printing Spectrum Graphics File

Output to a graphics file to include in presentations or reports.

After you are done with your NMR spectrum, you can print it out to the printer or you can print it as a graphics file (*.emf format) which can be transferred to Microsoft Word or Powerpoint for a report or presentation.

To print to a graphics file, first type edo (edit output) in the command line. For the parameter CURPRINT, select Enhanced Metafile.

After exiting, type view in the command line to see if the plot is what you want. (The spectrum will come up in the ClipBook Viewer. You may have to expand a minimized window (titled Clipboard) to see the output.) If it is appropriate, type plot or click the plot button.

Transferring the graphics file.

You will need a USB drive (thumbdrive). (Some drives are formatted using a format incompatible with Windows NT and will not be readable by the computer; your best bet is to just try the drive & see if it works.) Plug the drive into the USB cable on the desktop a nd confirm that the drive is accessible by clicking My Computer.

The output will be saved in as a file in the directory My Computer C:/Bruker/Xwin-nmr/plotfiles/. The filename is a combination of date and time. Find the appropriate files and drag them to your USB drive.

Right-click on the USB drive and select Eject. The computer will come back with an error which you can ignore. You can now remove the drive and take it to another computer.