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CBE Internship Program

Employers seek college graduates who have demonstrated Career Readiness Competencies in the work place. Build your skills and explore your career through an internship. Attend an information session during the academic term to learn more about the CBE Internship Program and how you may earn credit for your internship.

Fall 2018 Internship Information Sessions - TBD

Internships in the College of Business and Economics provide you with valuable experience in the business world beyond the classroom experience and expose you to potential career opportunities. Internship site examples include 3M Corporation, NASA-Pathways Program, Andersen Corporation, Aladtec, Bremer, Seagate Technologies, Target Corporation, Xcel Energy, Thomson Reuters, U.S. Bank, and numerous accounting firms.

Internship opportunities will be posted on Handshake and on the CBE Internship Offerings webpage. Internship opportunities are also announced in upper level major courses. You may locate your own internship.  All internships for academic credit must be approved by the appropriate department chair. Internships may be completed during the Fall or Spring terms, or over the Summer . For information on current internship opportunities please see the Internship Coordinator, or email to setup an appointment.

Spotlight on CBE Interns

Below you can read what some UW-River Falls students had to say about their internship experience.

Quotes from CBE Interns

"I was initially nervous about working in a corporate office, but now I feel very confident in my abilities and know that I will be successful in whatever I choose to do. I'm grateful for this experience and the way I have grown professionally. The friendships and connections I've made will last the rest of my life, and I'm eager to see what the rest of life has in store for me."

"During the internship, I learned to solve problems independently and creatively... Now I have a clearer direction on my future academic and career plans and goals, and I feel more confident to compete in the job market."

"I can honestly say that I would recommend an internship to anyone, it forces you to get out of your comfort zone and grow as an individual."

"All in all, my internship experience was truly invaluable. It reassured me that I have indeed chosen the correct profession. I now know that accounting is both something that I enjoy but also something I can be successful in. I was concerned that all of the time I have spent studying would not translate to a real-world setting but I am now comfortable in the fact that this has been time well spent."

"This internship opportunity has been extremely beneficial to me as I have been able to see different business concepts applied in the real world, while creating stepping-stones for myself to better my future."

"It was an experience that has been most beneficial and I am very grateful to have had this opportunity. I feel this experience will help me go far after graduation."

CSIS major Alyssa Ronquillo was an intern this summer at 3M. She was featured in the following video created by 3M about her experience.

Featured Interns



Kelsey Klinger

Major: Business Administration - Finance
Hometown: West Saint Paul, MN
Internship #3:  Contract Specialist (Finance Intern), Summer 2017
Employer: NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX
Recognition:  Received JSC’s Outstanding Co-op Award
Future: Offered a full time job upon graduation (December 2017)

 NASA Johnson Space Center is the leader of human space exploration.  They offer a rotational internship experience (alternating school/work, three rotations) called the Pathways Intern Program.

My role as Student Trainee, Contract Specialist for the Orion Contract was to analyze the financial reports submitted to NASA from a partner, write new Task Orders and Modifications for the contract, and create new logs for the team to better organize changes on the contract.  This was my third internship in the Pathways Program at NASA Johnson Space Center. I rotated through different business organizations throughout the program, and was placed in The Office of Procurement (Exploration Procurement) for the summer of 2017.

“I learned that I enjoyed Procurement.”… “The key learning that came from my internship experience was how important networking is, and that it continues after your time as an intern, and I learned to believe more in my skills by applying myself on tasks I did not know I would be capable of “

“Don’t be afraid to look and apply outside of the box.  You never know what sort of opportunities will be available to you.  If you are soon to be starting, be sure to network and make connections, learn everything offered to you and more, and act as though you have the responsibility of a full-time employee, not just an intern.”




Jerrett Feyereisen

Major:  B.S. in Computer Science (Graduate Dec 2017)
Hometown:  River Falls, WI
Internship: CSIS Intern, Spring 2017
Intern Title:  Web Application Programmer
Employer:  Aladtec, River Falls, WI
Future: Offered a full time job upon graduation

Aladtec offers an online employee scheduling and workforce management system for many industries. Aladtec is ranked on the prestigious Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing private companies in the nation for three years in a row.

The internship experience was very rewarding and allowed me to apply the knowledge and skills I have acquired in my classes as well as expand my abilities. 

“…the skills I developed most in the past few months have been project management skills.  I now feel comfortable planning a project from the very beginning, breaking it down into sprintable releases, and breaking those releases down into cases for multiple developers to work on concurrently.”

Advice: "For computer science students, think of something you want to build and build it.  Don't worry about what you don't know yet, and let that project drive your learning.  Identify problems, and solve them.  Then, when you have some form of finished product, mention it on your resume and go into detail about it during your interview.  Employers want to know that you are motivated and have the capacity to solve complex problems."



Rachel Anderson

Major: Business Administration - Management
Hometown: Coon Rapids, MN
Internship:  Marketing Intern, Summer 2017
Employer: Tierney Brothers Inc., St. Paul, MN
Future: Offered a full time job upon graduation in December

Tierney Brothers Inc. is an audio visual company that sells and installs technology products and services to schools, the government and other outside entities in the Midwest. Tierney is currently expanding the regions in which it is selling products to include more states outside the Midwest.

As an intern I was responsible for advancing our sales from the pending to processing stage, tracking orders for customers, and redirecting leads to the appropriate sales representatives.

“… through interning I was able to experience Corporate America in ways I never expected. I was able to see the restructuring of an executive team and how that affected the company overall. The experiences I gained are something that will affect my career forever.”  

One piece of advice I would offer fellow students is to jump at any opportunity you have! You never know where the next ‘yes’ could lead you so take a leap of faith and see where you end up!


Adam Bergstrom CBE Featured Intern

Adam Bergstrom

Major: Computer Science and Information Systems
Hometown: Austin, MN
Internship:  Jr. Software Developer Intern, Summer 2017
Employer: Open Access Technology International, Inc., Mpls.
Future:  Completing a second internship in Summer 2018, with Securian Financial in St. Paul, as an Application Developer

OATI provides software solutions tightly integrated with the data powering the North American energy infrastructure. Their solutions allow utilities to optimize their power supply management efforts.

“This internship provided me with a professional environment to grow as a developer. I worked with a variety of tools and coding languages throughout the summer. With the tools and training in new languages provided, I completed many projects; I worked on a landing page website, cross browser compatibility issues for existing products, created interfaces to display information, file import application, and web services to process XML”.

“… I also developed more experience and learned a great deal when it comes to the professional workplace. I worked with a team on site along with a development team in India. Communication was key. I learned how to work efficiently, learned how to find answers on my own…, communicate with others and become more confident in myself”.

One piece of advice I would offer fellow students is – “Outside of the coding aspect I was able to bond with coworkers by playing basketball and soccer weekly. I would highly recommend interns to get active and meet new people, make new friends. It makes the experience that much more enjoyable”.