Steven Hayes-Featured Intern

Steven Hayes CBE Featured Intern

Steven Hayes

Major: Computer Science
Hometown:  Green Bay, Wisconsin
Internship:   IT Analyst Intern (Software Developer), Summer 2018
Employer: 3M - St. Paul, Minnesota
Future: Full Time Job with 3M Advanced Analytics Enablement Team

I worked in 3M Company’s Oral Care Digital Solutions team for the summer. 

I was responsible for implementing dictation software onto a customer facing application. I used the Microsoft Cognitive Services Speech API for the voice recognition, and I used JavaScript to implement it on the front end. It was a successful summer project, and it is going to be included in their November release. 

I learned the importance of having good technical/programming abilities, that it is very important to network. I networked with interns all the way to senior management at 3M. I introduced myself to managers that I was considering working for. This helped me get a full time job more than anything (networking).

One piece of advice I would offer fellow students is to apply to Internships early, don’t wait. The earlier you apply the higher your chances are for getting an interview – especially with the bigger companies.