Intern Position Description

Guidelines for Position Description

CBE faculty must approve the internship for college credit.  While the position description can be brief, some specifics are essential:

1. Duties and Scope of Learning

Since an internship is a learning experience, the job content should reflect this goal.  The job description should address the level of analysis and decision-making an intern will have and include at least one of the following:

  • Job rotation

  • Responsibility for special projects

  • Assisting a manager in his or her duties

  • Anything else that constitutes a significant learning experience

2. Academic Background/Experience/Skills Desired

  • Indicate the preferred academic major, experience and skills sought.

  • If there is a GPA requirement, please list it.

3. Supervision

  • Please include the name, title, e-mail address and phone number of the staff member who will be supervising the intern.

4. Salary and Benefits

  • CBE internships are a paid work experience.   Compensation should be fair and competitive, with consideration for training and experience.  Housing arrangements are the responsibility of the student.

  • Compensation could include reimbursement of academic credit costs for the intern.

5. Time Frame and Hours

  • Include the starting and ending date of the internship, the number of hours an intern will work per week and the total hours for the internship.

6. Application Process

  • Provide a detailed description outlining the process for applying for the internship, including the application deadline.

7. Employer Contact Information

  • Please provide the name of the organization, the name and title of the hiring official, address, phone number, e-mail address and website.

Minnesota Department of Revenue Internship