Internship Success

In order to successfully complete an internship in CBE, the following tasks must be completed.

Submit Progress Reports

You must submit a progress report upon completion of 45+ hours of work, and for ever 40-45 hours completed thereafter.  *As of the Fall 2017 term, all progress reports must be submitted via the relavent D2L Internship course.  (this link is now obsolete - Periodic reports).

Site Visit

Your department chair will make contact with the employer as necessary. When feasible, he/she (or a designee) will conduct a site visit with you and your supervisor.

Employer Evaluation

At the end of the internship, the employer will submit an evaluation of your efforts. The report will consist of an evaluation of your progress, performance and contributions while working for the company/organization. The Employer's Internship Evaluation form is available to print and submit.

Final Report

You will need to complete a typed report (maximum three pages, double spaced) summarizing the internship experience. An explanation of how the internship related to academic coursework must be included in this final report, as well as an outline of the specific goals and learning outcomes you have accomplished. Both content and writing quality will be evaluated.

A final satisfactory grade will not be turned in until all the requirements of the internship have been successfully completed.