Internship Process

To view the entire internship process, download the Internship Process Flowchart.

You are encouraged to initiate your own internship opportunities (see criteria). The CBE Internship Coordinator or  the Department Chair of your major can provide guidance in your search and determine whether the job meets the stated requirements to qualify for internship credits. Whether you apply for an internship discovered on the internship webpage, a job recruitment site, or submit one you find on your own for consideration, please complete the online internship application.

The application requires you to attach the following documents:

  • A detailed job description or offer letter from the sponsoring organization. Include the roles and responsibilities of the intern, dates of employment, number of work hours per week, and total number of hours of the internship.

  • A cover letter noting how the internship relates to your academic program and career interests. Include three learning objectives for your internship.

Upon final approval from the Department Chair, the internship may begin. The student will receive instructions for registering for internship credits and next steps in the approval letter.