Grant Schmitt-Featured Intern

CBE Featured Intern Grant Schmitt

Grant Schmitt

Major: Business Administration Marketing/Professional Sales
Hometown: Elk River, MN
Internship:  Sales Intern, May 2018-Present
Employer: Medica, Minnetonka, MN
Future: I have gotten my internship extended twice since the summer and am now scheduled to work until the end of December 2018. I would love to go back to Medica next summer if I receive an offer.

Medica is non profit health care provider in Minnesota. It serves over 2 million members across the Midwest and generated 4.7 billion dollars of revenue in 2017. Medica’s mission statement is ”To be the trusted health plan of choice for customers, members, partners, and our employees.”

My role as the Sales Intern came with a lot of responsibilities. I was responsible for entering leads into our database for our inside sales team to call on. I was a key part to the planning of our member events this fall that transitioned 70,000 members to a different health plan. I called upon brokers to give reminders of events and create relationships. I worked with the marketing team to redesign parts of our company web page. Most recently I have gone through extensive training to get licensed and certified to sell Medicare in the state of Minnesota.

From the very beginning, the internship process gives you a real job experience that is extremely valuable for after college when looking for a job. It also taught me how a corporate company flows day to day. I am now much more confident it networking with people and I can happily say I have made a ton of great connections that I am sure will benefit down the road.

My advice to students is to not hesitate for a second when applying for internships. The value you get from interning for a company sets you up to be successful after college in so many ways. My confidence of receiving a job after college has grown exponentially after having an internship and and I now feel well prepared for any job offer or application that comes my way.