Brady Lange-Featured Intern

Brady Lange CBE Featured Intern

Brady Lange


Majors: Computer Science, Data Science & Predictive Analytics 
Hometown: Lewiston, Minnesota
Internship: Software Technician, Summer of 2018
Employer: RiverSide Electronics, Lewiston (MN)
Future: Working with artificial intelligence to improve humanities livelihood

RiverSide Electronics is an electronics manufacturer that was founded in 1984 and is located in Lewiston, Minnesota. In 1988, RiverSide was recognized by Business Week magazine as one of the 25 fastest growing high tech companies in the United States. 

I was responsible for converting Visual Basic 6 test programs to Visual Basic .NET test programs. When the programs were converted to Visual Basic .NET I debugged the program with a test fixture to validate the program was successfully converted. These programs are used to test the functionality of the printed circuit boards RiverSide Electronics makes for their clients. Any errors or damage to the board these programs will notify the user operating the test. I also managed to develop three class libraries used to create graphics onto an image in a program in which you can alter the graphics size, location, color, and other features. A significant algorithm I developed was to determine which graphics were the same in the collection by using a separate chaining hash table data structure.

I have learned the importance in making sure programs run in efficient ‘Big O notation’, how to work in a software development team, how to troubleshoot software errors, and how to document programs detailed and professionally.

One piece of advice I would offer fellow students is – work hard at what you do and there is never too many 
hours spent at the library expanding your knowledge on your studies/research.