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Tips for getting good grades

  1. Attend all classes. If you miss one, be sure to contact your instructor.
  2. Stay current on assignments including reading.
  3. Participate in class discussions - many instructors include class participation in your final grade.
  4. Talk with your instructor about any questions on the material and/or assignments and be professional and considerate in all communications - email and verbal.
  5. Know the drop deadlines and procedures:
  • Bookmark Registrar's Office calendar
  • If you have financial aid, verify that you will have enough credits, after dropping, to remain eligible for aid.
  • If possible, accomplish the drop early enough to avoid a "W" (withdrawal) on your transcript, or at least by the final drop date.
  • Be aware that a late drop (filed after the final drop deadline) may not always be approved and requires two approvals - instructor and Dean.
  • Do not simply quit going to class without filing the necessary drop paperwork! Not dropping officially, results in an "XF" which may require a re-take of the same class or future high grades to offset the damage to your GPA. It also represents a financial loss for the cost of the course.
  • A grade of XF for not attending can require you to repay financial aid.

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