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Individualized Interdisciplinary Minor (Option B)


An Individualized Interdisciplinary minor is a self-designed program for students who find that their educational goals and objectives cannot adequately be met by any of the University’s existing programs.

This minor allows students to incorporate courses from several academic areas into a unique program of study with careful guidance from a faculty advisor intended to prepare them for employment or graduate study in a specific field of interest.

In keeping with the interdisciplinary mission of the College of Arts and Sciences, all Individual minors must consist of coherent programs of study that are interdisciplinary in nature. Creating your own minor is a powerful opportunity and a challenging responsibility. It takes high motivation and hard work to design your own program, but your advisor and College office provides encouragement and guidance every step of the way.


1.    Discuss with your advisor the reasons for substituting an Individualized Interdisciplinary Minor (Option B) for the standard minor.

2.    Determine the array of courses to be taken to fulfill the academic professional needs and purposes established. The minor must include a minimum of 22 credits, three of which must be taken at UWRF.

3.    Prepare the Individualized Interdisciplinary Minor (Option B) form.  Be sure to list all the department names and course numbers along with the course titles.

a.    To be an interdisciplinary minor, the array of courses listed must come from at least two different departments or programs.

b.    Up to 6 credits may double-count from the minor into another area of the degree program (i.e.: major or general education).

B.    APPROVAL PROCESS – Submit the following to the Dean’s Office of the College of Arts and Sciences (located in KFA 136):

1.    A typed statement by the student indicating the reasons behind and/or justification of the request. In the justification, students should clearly indicate how the courses fit together for the minor.

2.    A signed note from your advisor reflecting his/her agreement.

3.    A completed copy of the Option B “Interdisciplinary” form.

4.    A current copy of your DAR.

**It is not necessary to set an appointment with a Dean for an Option B. If there are any questions regarding your Option B, the Dean will contact you.

Application form—Option B Minor

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