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College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences

India Trip

This trip may satisfy the general education Global Perspectives requirement. Consult with your adviser for details.

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Meet students who participated in the J-term trip to India in 2015.


India 2015 Katie

A different and exciting world really does exist outside of River Falls, and India is definitely the place to travel to. India can be defined by the saying "organized chaos," but with all of the hustle and bustle Indian people still enjoy the small luxuries in life while grasping onto their rich culture.

Experiencing and learning about India's rich agriculture was very memorable and life changing for me because it put into perspective that agriculture around the world is not done the same as America, and in certain parts, cannot be. India has become very innovative on how to feed their growing population, while in some cases, keeping the cultural practices in place. Simply walking down any street in India surges a rush of excitement with cows walking freely minding nobody's business but their own, dodging tuk tuk's (India's form of a taxi), bartering at the local market for a beautiful silk sari, and stopping at a sugar cane stand to have it freshly pressed right in front of you. Traveling to India was an amazing and refreshing life experience.


India 2015 Zach

I am from a small town in northern Wisconsin and have never before had a chance to travel, so visiting India was a transforming experience. The wonderful people of India taught me that you can enjoy life without having everything be perfect. India was exciting, chaotic and always moving.  Everywhere we went people were trying to feed us and the Indian people were very generous and welcoming to us.


India 2015 Danielle

Studying abroad in India was a humbling and cultural experience. It is so neat to see how people live halfway across the world. Everything is different from clothes to food to culture in general.

Their agriculture is fascinating! And, yes it's true- cows really do roam the streets! A few of the things we did included visiting the JSS school of 5,000 poor students, visiting a wide variation of farms, riding elephants, eating Indian food, mingling with the locals, visiting Hindu and Buddhist temples, walking through local markets that offered food and souvenirs where we bargained with locals, visiting the Mysore and Bangalore palaces, drinking fresh sugar cane juice, and much, much more.


India 2015 Amanda

Study Abroad India was a breathtaking experience. Leaving the country and heading to India was an eye opener to the world outside the great USA. Heading to a place that is so different than home teaches you how to cling to what you have left and appreciate the luxuries that you take for granted when you return.

In India we learned about their agriculture and how they are working to feed their country. It is interesting to see what is similar and different compared to our farming techniques here in Wisconsin. Visiting their boarding schools, temples and busy streets were all great adventures that we will never forget. Traveling to India is an unforgettable experience that allows you to grow in character and includes some many fun opportunities!

 2017 India Joel and Amber

Each J-term, CAFES students and faculty take part in a trip to India. The group visits the cities of Bangalore, Mysore, and Suttur in India. Stops include a sustainable agriculture farm, silk worm farms, temples, palaces and time with the Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI). The CFTRI is world-renowned in food science and technology, gaining approximately 100 new patents each year! The trip lasts about two weeks and students have the opportunity to earn course credit for their attendance and participation.

Find out more!
The University of Agricultural Sciences in Bangalore
The JSS KVK in Suttur
The CFTRI in Mysore

How can I go to India?

Interested in experiencing India for yourself over J-term in 2018? Visit this website for registration details.

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