Centennial Celebration

Centennial: Theme

Defining our Centennial Theme:

Students. Teaching. Purpose.

Always for our students...
Always teaching to the best of our ability...
Always so our students may achieve their greater purpose...

Always for our students...
From the earliest days of the program when faculty helped to build the dairy herd by securing bank loans with personal notes,  to the present when faculty have established scholarships to provide financial support for students or loaned students the funds for an international experience, our faculty and staff have always put students and their educational aspirations first.

Always teaching to the best of our ability...
Since it's inception in 1965, faculty members affiliated with our College have been awarded UWRF's Distinguished Teacher of the Year Award. This is the most prestigious award bestowed on campus and made more meaningful because the selection is made by graduating seniors and recent graduates. 

Always so our students may achieve their greater purpose... 
Whether that purpose is advancing to become Vice-President of sales for Northrup-King Seed (Verne Palmberg '51), returning home to join the family business (Matt Bayer '95), living around the world to provide humanitarian relief to those struggling to survive (Sig Hanson '75), introducing the breadth of agriculture to young minds while trying to keep track of your own toddlers (Hayley Prusak '92, '06)  or choosing to return to UWRF and teach the next generation (from Thorvald Thoreson '35 to Kari Ekenstedt '01 and many others in between!) we are delighted to see our graduates make their mark on the world.

Distinguished Teachers: Perry Clark

Distinguished Teachers: Larry Meyers

Distinguished Teachers: Terry Ferriss

Distinguished Teachers: Rohde, Henderson and Wachholz

Distinguished Teachers: Lewi May

Distinguished Teachers: Phil George