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Dr. John E. Butler's Story......

J.E. Butler Sophomore Cellular and Molecular Biology Scholarship
This scholarship supports entering sophomore students (current Freshman) majoring in Biology who intend to pursue studies in the field of cellular...
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J.E. Butler Upper Class Cellular and Molecular Biology Scholarship
This scholarship supports entering junior students majoring in Biology who wish to pursue a professional career both in science and in appreciation...
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John E. Butler International Research Scholarship
This scholarship supports students intending to perform a semester abroad experience and will conduct research that incorporates...
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    Laboratories Participating in the International Research Scholarships:
        Georg-August-University Goettingen 
        Pirbright Institute
        University of Milan (Veterinary school) - Milan, Italy
        Vrije Universiteit Brussel – Brussel, Belgum 

      John E. Butler International Research Scholarship Award Winners:
                  2016: Bailey Vitek
                   Link: Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena

Dr. Henry Tranmal Scholarship
2015: Clayton Windsor   
2015: Jamie Bucholz 
2014: Lindsey Knopps                           
2014: Anna Lowery                                                       
2014: Nicole Hinsch           
2013: Lyndsay Hage 
2013: Mark Renelt      
2013: Melanie Jacobson 

BioDiagnostics Scholarship  
2014: Negar Ghanean (3x recipient)
2012: Kelly Aukes (4x recipient)

Dr. Catharine Lieneman Scholarship
2015: Ryan Pero  
2015: Magdalene White
2014: Samantha Grzybowski  
2014: Emma Easterly 
2013: Sarah Daggett   

Dr. Clifford A. Olson Memorial Scholarship
2015: Andrea Cronk     
2014: Chiara Andahazy     
2013: Cynthia Huber

Dr. Lori L. Bents and Dr. Virginia Akins Endowed Scholarship
2015: Kerstin Strosahl
2014: Catherine La Count
2013: Ashley Johnson

Dr. Martin and Joyce Laakso Scholarship
2015: Olivia Yue 
2014: Brittany Berg  
2014: Abigail Veloske  
2014: Laura Robey
2013: Bethany Nicholds

Dr. Thomas G. Kliszcz Scholarship
2014: Louis Musser
2013: Katelyn Lowery

Freeman Drug Company Annual Scholarship
2015: Mariah Cooper 
2014: Elizabeth Rowe
2013: Mikayla Hanrahan

Gary A. and Emogene J. Thibodeau Scholarship
2015: Charles Hayes  
2015: Mariah Cooper 
2014: Jamie Bucholz
2013: Rebecca Dahlke

James Ellison Memorial Scholarship
2015: Micah Ombeo
2014: Chiara Andahazy
2013: Laura Robey

Jason Staszko Scholarship
2015: Anna Lowery 
2014: Ryan Kusilek
2013: Zachary Russell

Kettelkamp/Lieneman Endowed Scholarship
2015: Nicole Hinsch 
2014: Emily Sirek

Timothy Regan Memorial Scholarship
2015: Allison Potocnik 
2014: Zachary De Moulin

Vibrant Health Family Clinics Scholarship
2015: Negar Ghanean
2014: Charles Hayes
2013: Jacob Anderson




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