Letter from the Chair

Dear Instructional and Non-Instructional Academic Staff:

It is truly an honor to serve as your Chair for the Academic Staff Council.  There is a lot we hope to accomplish this year, we are looking at starting an Academic Staff Mentoring Program to welcome new staff when they join the UWRF community, along with looking to find ways to communicate our policies that affect you, and providing opportunities to celebrate our successes.  It is my hope that you feel comfortable sharing with our dedicated ASC members any concerns and questions as they arise throughout the year.

We will continue to work hard as part of shared governance, with our Faculty, University Staff and Student colleagues.  Please, do not hesitate to contact me for anything; I'm happy to serve!

Kelly Browning


Meeting with Administration

On December 21st, members of the council met with Administration to discuss the feedback from the survey that was sent out in early December.  We wanted to provide you all  with a brief update of the discussion.

These were the four themes that were discussed:

  • Supervision, Direction and Job Expectations – The council is currently looking at implementing a mentoring program for all new Academic Staff hired at UW-River Falls.  However, we all agreed that we need a better orientation/on-boarding for all academic staff.  Provost Perkins indicated that there will be an orientation for instructional academic staff beginning this fall.
  • Communications – the discussion included having the ability to communicate with your supervisor’s supervisor, as some shared they felt as though they did not have a voice. Additionally, concerns were raised about pertinent university information not trickling down to every applicable employee. The leadership team inquired as to what would be the best ways to ensure communication with all academic staff.  The council will be discussing the ways leadership can communicate to the university.
  • Creating a better culture within the department – discussing the addition and/reinstating of traditions. Improving campus culture helps staff feel valued and appreciated.
  • Contracts, stability and interim roles – questions arose to why there are so many interim positions and why the positions can’t be searched immediately. Regarding the time it takes to search, the leadership team supported the search process mentioning that we are going out and seeking to find the best fit, even if that person is already in the role. Concerns were brought up regarding the large size of search committees and the workload it creates. The council reminded that this past year a policy was approved putting a minimum of three people on a search committee to address that.

The chancellor mentioned the themes were not surprising, as layoffs and reductions have created challenges for the campus community.

Again, thank you for taking time to fill out the survey.  The council continues to make progress so that all staff feel valued at UWRF.  Every person here makes a difference and it is the people that make UWRF a great place to be.

Kelly Browning



  • Deadline for Merit Compensation has been adjusted, with the submission by the Academic Staff member to his/her immediate supervisor has moved to February 8, the Immediate Supervisor has until February 15, and the Department Head has until March 1. The Division Head approves or denies request for merit increase by April 5.    


  • Congrats to Laura Otto on the 2016 recipient of the Chancellor's Award for Excellence for Academic Staff

Please email Kelly Browning if you have any questions related to your position as an instructional or academic staff member.

Please email Brenda Creighton if you have questions about your contract or benefits.

Have you  been the victim of discrimination, harassment, or bias? Make sure you fill out a university bias report.


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