Creating Tables

WARNING: Use tables for displaying columns and rows of data. Do NOT use tables for text and especially not for text that is linked to other pages. A link inside a table cell does not register with CommonSpot - this is an issue we are currently trying to remedy. This is a problem if you delete a page that someone has linked to from within a Table - it will not show up as a referring page and the link will be broken and always be in the list of broken links.

Tables are fairly simple - but not quite the same as adding them in Word or other applications.

1. Click the Table Icon (just the arrow next to the icon if you want to specify the number of rows and columns).

Tables Screenshot

2. Choose your table size.

Table Select Screenshot

3. To add or delete rows and columns, click inside a cell and find the circles with an "x" and the small arrows on either side. Use these to delete a row or column (click the appropriate circle with the "x") or add (click the arrow to the right or left, or up or down). Try it a few times to see how it works.

Table Row Column Add Delete

4. To highlight an entire table, find the <Table> tag in properties below the text block and click it. Make sure the table width is set to 100%.

Table Select

5. To set the width of a column, place your cursor in a cell in the column and set the Width in the Cell Properties area below the text block. Use percentages. CommonSpot will apply the width based on the amount of text in the cells if you don't set the width.

Table Cell Percentage

6. You can make any cell a header. Place your cursor in the cell (you don't need to highlight anything) and check the Header box in Cell Properties.

Table Header

7. A cell with Header checked will look centered in edit mode but will be left justified and red after you save the text block.

Table Heading

8. Only the selected cell will display the Header style so you need to check that box for each cell that is a heading.

Table Heading Results

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