Create a New Page
  1. Click "New" in the top menu bar.

pulldown menu

  1. Choose the subsite to which you want to add the page. Click "Next."

Select Subsite

  1. Always choose the Simple Layout Template : UWRF Master Template for your new page.
  2. Highlight UWRF Master Template and click "Next."

Choose Template

  • The Name is the URL.
  • Keep it short - no spaces or hyphens and no special characters.
  • Use InitialCaps.
  • It cannot start with a number.
  • Do NOT use dates in your page names (URLs) or document titles.
  1. Enter the Name
  2. Click the Orange Circle to copy the Name into the Title (and other boxes below).
  3. Change the Title: Add spaces or other words. You can use special characters in the title.
  4. Click the Orange Circle by the Title to copy that down to the Title Bar Caption and Description.
  5. Edit the description if needed.
  6. Do not use Keywords unless your page is policy or safety-related. Then use "policy" or "safety" or "policy,safety" if it is both.
  7. Click "Next."
Name Your Page
  • Check the “Add to subsite navigation” if you want the page title to appear in the navigation list on the left side.
  • Priority “50” for all pages will result in an alphabetical list. If you want a different order, change the Priority. If you want a page to be at the top of the navigation, give it a priority of 1. A page at the bottom of the navigation could have a priority of 100.
  • If you plan to use a banner with your page title included in an image, you can click the "Hide Page Title" box to clear that area so only the banner appears.

Custom Properties

  1. You are ready to begin editing your page! It will not appear in the navigation until you Activate it (top right) or until you have made your edits and Submit it.

activate page


new page layout