Table Element

Using the Table Layout Element


Reasons you may want to use the table layout element:

  • Display content (text blocks) in columns across a page
  • Display content in a table layout without showing borders
  • Display an image gallery (grid)
  • Display rows and columns of buttons to linked pages.

How to Set up a Tabular Layout

1. Add Element
2. Element Gallery > Layout Elements > Tabular Layout

Tabular Layout

3. Click to define the table columns, rows, and width.

Define Tabular Layout

4. Define rows and properties (100% width is recommended)

Specify Rows and Columns

5. Choose the elements you want in each cell (Formatted textblock, YouTube video, etc. Single image element is described below.)

Choose Element for Table

6. Modifying  width of the cells  by revealing cell options

Reveal Table Cells

7. Choose Cell width (optional)

  • Go to the small box in the corner of the cell labeled "layout cell".
  • Click on layout

Select Cell Width

Add  a “single image element” , a “formatted text block element”, or other element to each cell of the table.  
Proceed as with editing the elements and page as usual.

How to Add a Single Images to the Tabular Layout
1.    Inside the Tabular Layout Choose table cell > Insert ”Single Image” element >
2.    Choose the image as regular (images can be linked as usual)
3.    Caption> Type caption
4.    Layout > Choose “header below” (caption will appear below photo)

Single Image Properties

5.    submit the page

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