Schedule An Element

You can create a scheduled element that only will appear at a specified time.

You cannot schedule a Text Block element that has already been created, but must start by inserting a new element and choosing Schedule/Personalize Element. If you have already created a Text Block, copy the contents to use when you create a new Text Block within the Schedule Element.

1-Choose Schedule Element

After you've chosen the element, click the gear.

2-Click Schedule Gear

3-Schedule View

Click Elements to show the following, then click Add New Element:

4-Define Elements

You will see a list of all the elements from the Element Gallery to which you have rights. You will have to scroll to see all of them.

5-Element Type 1

Choose the Formatted Text Block (without header) from the list.

6-Element Type 2

Enter a Name for the Element.

7-Element Name

(You can Change the Element Name or Delete the Element by clicking the pencil icon.)

9-To Edit Or Delete Scheduled Element

Save and then Close the Define Elements screen.

8-Close Define

Click to define the Formatted Text Block - add your text/information.

10-Define The Text Element

To schedule the element, click Criteria.

11-Click Criteria

Click the Pencil Icon to edit the named element.

12-Edit Rendering Criteria

Click the Specific Date/Time radio button.

13-Click Specific Date

Select a begin date and time.

14-Select Date Time

Select the end date and time and click Save.

15-Select End Date Time And Save

The element will display beginning on the date and time you specified through the end date and time selected.