Catalog Links to Course Descriptions

If you are an author in an academic department, you may have access to edit the UWRF Catalog and change degree requirements for your program(s). After submitting your changes, the page must be approved by the approvers in the Registrar's Office before it appears as published.

If you add new courses, you will need to add a link to the course description.

After the course has been added to the list, you will view the html code.

HTML Code View Icon

The code will look like this:

Match Extensions in html code view


You can copy and paste the following code (except for the DEPT NUM) to create the link.

<a class="colorbox" href="/ClassSchedule/courseLightbox.cfm?subject=DEPT&catalogNumber=NUM>DEPT NUM</a>

The highlighted letters (DEPT) are the department identifier (some are only 3 letters) and course number (NUM) that you already entered such as MUS 103.

The & (ampersand) in the code above will convert to &amp; once it's saved in the code view.

Replace the DEPT and NUM with the correct department code and course number.  Make sure the closing tag for the link </a> comes after the course number and before the course title.

Working in the html code, you can just copy the string from an existing link and update the department and course number.

Note that the code must always match the text for DEPT and NUM.

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