Catalog Links to Course Descriptions

Complete the following steps:

1. Add the course number and the course title to the page

2. View the HTML by clicking on the HTML toggle button (Green/Yellow button with a W/H)

HTML Code View Icon

3. Identify the location of the newly added course list.

Match Extensions in html code view

4. Select and copy the following tag from this page:
<a class="colorbox" href="/ClassSchedule/courseLightbox.cfm?subject=DEPT&catalogNumber=NUM>

5. Paste the tag IN FRONT OF the new course number  (This will establish the link.)

6. Next select and copy the following tag from code: </a>

7. Paste the tag AFTER  the course number (This will close the link.)

8. In the link tag replace the variable name DEPT with the actual department code (As circled in the figure above. MUS, ENG, BIOL, etc.)

9. In the link tag replace the variable name NUM with the actual course number.

10. Toggle the HTML button back to the common display view. ( You should see a blue link that is closed properly; one that ends with the course number.

11. Save the Textblock.

12. Click on the link to test it. ( A new window should open featuring course details.)

13. Submit the page.


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