UW System has partnered with the Education Advisory Board (EAB) to implement the Navigate student success management system. Navigate is an advising workflow and student planning management software to empower students with information and tools, and help advisers, faculty, and staff build more effective and timely support to improve student outcomes. This initiative is aligned with UW System's 360 Advising priorities and strategies to expand high quality, proactive advising to improve retention and graduation outcomes. These include:

  • Communications and Connections: Expanding channels to share information, such as sharing best practices, connecting campuses to UW System initiatives and resources, and engaging advisers.
  • Professional Development: Supporting adviser training by organizing annual advising workshops, providing webinars, and sharing resources.
  • Campus Advising Support: Elevating the status of advising in student success.
  • Credit Momentum: Supporting efforts that positively affect four-year completion rates, such as launching a systemwide 15 to Finish Campaign.
  • Predictive Analytics: Expanding the use of data-driven decision making to help students persist and graduate.

UWRF Charge and Leadership Teams

The UWRF Navigate Leadership Team is charged with overseeing the implementation of Navigate and is supported by four additional teams. Each team includes faculty, staff, and students. In addition, a group of students has been identified to help test the Navigate platform before it is made available campus wide.


Navigate setup and implementation occured during summer 2019 and is expected to be completed by early September. By October 1, UWRFs professional advisers, faculty champions, the leadership team members, and a select group of students will use the Navigate test environment to prepare for a spring rollout. Training for all students and staff with advising responsibilities will occur no later than January 2020, with a full rollout of the Navigate platform anticipated for the first week of spring semester classes.

Additional Resources:

  • UWRF's collaboration space, T:\Collaboration\Navigate, includes several documents with additional information. Below are several recommendations for those seeking to learn more about Navigate.
    • Navigate General Demo (mp4) is a seven-minute introduction to the Navigate platform.
    • UWRF Navigate LIVEDemo (mp4) is a more detailed introduction to the Navigate platform that includes a Q&A session. It is a recording of the live demonstration provided by EAB for the university on March 20, 2019, and is about 53 minutes long.
    • Navigate Student Features (PP) provides information about how the tool works for students.
    • Student Mobile App (mp4) is a demonstration of how the Navigate App works for students and is about 10 minutes long.
    • UWRF Implementation Strategy_5.01 (PP) includes general information about the timeline to implement Navigate.
  • UW System Navigate Resource Center
  • UW System Navigate FAQ