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Alumni Credit Card Program

What is the UW-River Falls Credit Card Program?

In 1998, WESTconsin Credit Union and the Office of University Advancement joined efforts to create a credit card program that could be used by alumni, friends of UWRF, students, faculty and staff. The program offers the following card options: VISA and Platinum VISA, both which earn CU Rewards. Each time cardholders use their cards, WESTconsin returns a percentage of each purchase to the UW-River Falls Foundation. These dollars are then deposited into the Falcon Annual Fund. The Falcon Annual Fund is used for the University's highest priorities. Each year, unrestricted gifts make a critical difference in the lives of our students and faculty. We encourage you to get your card today!

Why choose the UW-River Falls Credit Card?

  • Students at UW-River Falls benefit each time you use your card.
  • The cards are attractive and provide a remembrance of the UW-River Falls. The front of the card contains a photo of South Hall.
  • Low interest rate and no hidden fees or misleading teaser rates.
  • Earn points with every purchase towards merchandise and travel rewards.
  • Don't want another credit card? Switch to a better one! We can transfer your other credit card balances to a UWRF affinity card.
  • Each new VISA card issued adds $1 into the fund, each Platinum VISA card adds $5 into the fund. 

How can I apply?

APPLY TODAY! Click on the link below to visit the WESTconsin Credit Union application web site. Click on the "Calculators/Rates/Basic Application" link near the bottom of the page and simply follow the instructions for a WESTconsin nonmember loan application or log in to your current account if you are a WESTconsin member. Once your application is complete, a WCU representative will call you to define your credit card choice. Let them know you'd like the UW- River Falls VISA or Platinum VISA! You may also call WESTconsin Credit Union directly at (715) 425-8113 or (800) 924-0022 to have an application mailed to you. Once your application is approved, you will have your card within approximately 10 working days.

Apply Now! (WESTconsin Site)


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