Student Handbook


Jeremie Hannah, APMS
Devlin Ruhling, MSI
12 South Hall

Be The Leader You Were Meant To Be

Push yourself to the limit and come out of college with the leadership skills that will take you far. The UWRF ROTC program is designed for Students, Athletes, Scholars, and Campus Leaders who want something more out of their college experience. ROTC courses and training allow you to explore leadership and team-building on a whole new level. Upon graduation, the skills you learned in ROTC will translate in any career field you choose. Freshman and Sophomore leadership classes offered without obligation or commitment! Earn up to 10 credits. Take the test drive!


The mission of UWRF Falcon Company is to find and develop ethical leaders of character, provide undergraduate and graduate Students\Cadets unrivalled leadership skills in order to strengthen our Communities and our Nation.


We are an innovative and effective organization manned by specially selected and qualified professional Cadre, Staff and Faculty fully prepared to educate and train the most diverse and talented Students\Cadets from across the Nation to become better citizens, adaptive leaders, lifetime learners, agile thinkers, and problem solvers who are committed to their communities, the Army Ethos and Profession of Arms.


  • 100% Tuition Scholarships Available
  • Room and Board Scholarships Available ($5000/Semester)
  • $420 a Month Stipend 
  • $600 Per Semester to Buy Books
  • Gi Bill Available Select Scholarships $368 per month
  • Gi Bill Kicker Select Scholarships $350 per month
  • Learn how to Lead/Manage an organization, group of people
  • Be a Caluable Member of a Time-honored FALCON Team
  • Consistent Top 3 Program out of 41 Senior ROTC Programs in the Midwest
  • Gain Unique and Innovative Experience for your Resume
  • Gain Respect of Peers and Future Employers


  • Airborne School
  • Air Assault School
  • Sapper School
  • Mountain Warfare
  • Norwegian Foot March
  • Ranger School
  • Ranger Challenge
  • Combat Diver
  • Study Abroad with Internships or Cultural Language Program (CULP)
  • Guaranteed job, Full-Time start $52,000/yr.,100% Medical Coverage and 401k, Increase to $70,500 in Four Years, Part-Time $7000-8000, 401k, Great Medical and Potential to Stay Local