Student Handbook

Falcon Food Products

Falcon Foods Dairy and Meat Plants

Animal and Food Science
242 Food Science Addition
590 S. Spruce Street


Falcon Food Products are produced by the UWRF students in the university food processing facilities. The food processing plants have been in operation since 1983. Students work under the direction of full-time plant managers and produce a variety of products including cheese, ice cream and meats, which are available for purchase in Freddy's Dairy Bar.

The primary goal of the food processing plants is to provide valuable hands-on learning experiences for students to become future leaders in the food industry. Our graduates experience upward mobility and become industry experts at the top organizations in the region and in the nation.

The dairy plant uses milk solely from the UWRF Mann Valley Farm to make a variety of cheese and ice cream flavors. The meat plant produces a variety of pork and beef products, working with UWRF Mann Valley Farm and local farmers for livestock.