Student Teaching

Student Teaching FAQs

Student Teaching Frequently Asked Questions

  1. May I make my own student teaching placement?

    Students are not permitted to make their own placements. All placements are made through the Field Experience Office.

  2. How does the College of Education and Professional Studies place student teachers in schools?

    Schools and districts who have responded to our office are contacted about student teachers needing placements for the upcoming semester.  Your resume, personal statement, and placement request are sent to a respective school in your designated area of preference.  Only one placement request is made per student teacher at a time.  This allows school personnel to decide if the placement would be a "good fit". It is very important that all information you submit for student teaching placement be of high quality.  This is one of your first experiences for "marketing" yourself.  It is a very competitive market as approximately 15 other colleges and universities within the area are also vying for student teaching placements in the surrounding school districts.

  3. May I request to be placed with a teacher in my hometown?

    In most every case, the answer is no.  On rare occasions, there may be extenuating circumstances that warrant an exception to this policy.

  4. I’ve received my placement, but have no idea where the school is located. How can I get directions to the school?

    This site has a link to “Map Quest.”[external link] Simply click on the link and provide the necessary information.Map Quest”[external link] will provide you with directions.

  5. I need money so is it okay if I also work while I'm student teaching?

    Most students spend on average 60 hours a week dedicated to student teaching.  (This includes planning, grading, meetings, before and after school obligations to the district.)  Student teaching needs to be your number once priority.  You will be performing as a teacher while student teaching which means you will be responsible for students and their learning while your are in the school.  If you are tired or unprepared, the education of your students with whom you have been entrusted, will suffer.

  6. Where do I find the evaluation forms my cooperating teacher must complete for my student teaching/internship experience?

    You will receive the evaluation rubric at your first student teaching seminar.

  7. I have been offered a position as a classroom teacher, but the position begins before I complete student teaching. May I finish student teaching early in order to accept the position?

    Student teaching is a University class. It is a full day, full semester experience following the cooperating teacher’s schedule and calendar. Students may not “finish” early in order to accept a position.

  8. What happens if the Student Teaching Office can’t find a placement for me?

    The Student Teaching office can not guarantee placements. It is your responsibility to present yourself professionally with the application process.  If you are turned down from two placement requests, you will be placed in the student teaching candidate pool the following semester. We do make every effort to accommodate all requests to student teach. However some circumstances beyond our control may affect the number of placements available during a given term. (work to rule, teacher strikes, total number of requests.)

  9. What if there are serious problems with my placement?

    We do our very best to resolve any problematic situations, whether they occur before or during student teaching. It may be possible to find a new placement if the situation cannot be resolved, and either the principal, cooperating teacher, or university supervisor recommends that a change be made.

  10. What happens if I don’t like my placement or cooperating teacher?

    Students always have the option of withdrawing from student teaching (following the guidelines for withdrawing from any course) and receiving a new placement during a subsequent semester.

  11. What if I become sick during my placement.

    We work with the student, cooperating teacher, and supervisor to resolve the situation, with as little disruption as possible. If an illness is for a prolonged period of time the student may need to withdrawal and complete student teaching during another semester.

  12. Where may I student teach?

    Here is a list of the participating school districts we make placements with.

  13. When do I find out where I will be placed and with whom?

    You will receive notification of your placement(s) sometime between mid-April and May 15 for Fall student teachers and sometime between late-November and December 15 for Spring student teachers.

  14. Prior to student teaching, are there things that need to be completed before I can enter the school?

    YES!  You must have the following items completed before you can student teach:
    a. A completed TB test
    b. An additional background check, if it is required by the district in which you are student teaching.
    c. A completed GATE 1 of the assessment portfolio. (Due June 30th for Fall student teachers and December 1st for Spring student teachers.)
    d. Contact with your cooperating teacher(s) and a face-to-face meeting(s)