Faculty and Staff Resources

Social Justice Action Committee

The College of Education and Professional Studies upholds a strong commitment to social justice by aiming to have inclusive programs and policies to support students and employees. We work alongside student, faculty and staff members to ensure mutual respect and accountability for ensuring a safe learning and working environment for all groups of people. We acknowledge the bias-based challenges of gender and gender identity, politics, sexuality, religion, ability, and race relations amongst others, and strive to reduce these inequities by acknowledging them and putting in place practices and policies to address them. We advocate for a model of transparency and a commitment to the collective endeavor of creating positive and inclusive spaces in which we teach, learn, and aspire together.

Stacy Furness - Assistant Dean, Health and Human Performance

Todd Savage - Counseling and School Psychology

Courtney Wells - Social Work

Tyler Koepke - Teacher Education

Jessica Lackner - Student, Social Work