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Didomi Innovation Challenge

Lahma Bility

Didomi is dedicated to combating water crisis and eliminating waste fields in developing countries.  By selling reusable water bottles and keeping plastic water bottles out of the ocean, Didomi uses 50% of profits from every bottle to provide 10 years of water access to someone in Africa who needs it. 


Unmanned Ramp Manager Innovation Challenge Winner

Jiaxin Li, Lakshmi Priya Girish Kumar, and Soren Netka

Unmanned Ramp Manager is an artificial intelligence software program that uses automated license plate detection to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs for parking ramps.

Li, of Shenzhen (Guangdong Providence), China, and Kumar, of Bangalore (Bengaluru), India, are graduate students in the Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS) program, while Netka, of St. Paul, Minn., is an undergraduate taking MSCS level courses. 


2018 Innovation Challenge winers Songen

Forrest Close, Miles Petterson, and Reid Wilson



Over 25 million Americans suffer from incontinence. Many of these individuals experience issues with leakage, ease of use, poor sizing and embarrassment using the current adult briefs available on the market today.  Songen is developing a solution to address these issues and improve quality of life for incontinent individuals. Their newly designed adult brief reduces the chance of leakage by increasing the water retentive properties of the materials. The innovative design makes the product easier to use and enhances dignity for the users. With Songen‘s new and improved adult brief, incontinence is no longer a significant inconvenience. 



2017 Innovation Challenge winner Vetvocate

Jennifer Till and David Till

Vetvocate seeks to address the issue of inefficiency in claims processing for disabled veterans.  By creating a software program to streamline claims processing, Vetvocate can help advocates save time, money and most importantly, allow disabled veterans to more efficiently receive the benefits they deserve.



2016 Innovation Challenge winner HippyFeet

Michael Mader

According to the Salvation Army, the number one requested item in homeless shelters is socks.  Hippy feet provides a solution to this pervasive problem by offering a buy-one give-one product. Purchasing the organic, durable wool socks allows the customer to give back as a pair is automatically donated to a local homeless shelter.




2014 Innovation Challenge winner SoPod


Eric Wenz, Andrew Lind, and An Trieu


SoPod offers a biodegradable pod technology that would allow travelers to carry boy wash, shampoo and conditioners in carry-on luggage while avoiding TSA restrictions.    

2015 Innovation Challenge winner EZ Pocket

Edward Matsushima


EZPOD isa protein pod product that offers a convenient transportation method for nutritional protein to maximize the benefits by reducing the amount of time between a workout and administration of the supplement.