Procurement Card Information

Step 8 Receipt Documentation

You will normally receive or have access to various documentation for your purchases:

  • Sales slip or register receipt
  • Packing list
  • Order form
  • Fax confirmation
  • E-mail confirmation
  • Web page orders- Screen print of the order page or order confirmation

Record your purchases on the Procard Record Form and attach to the statement.  You must submit a record form for each statement.

Every two weeks you will receive a credit card statement of your purchasing activity for that card. If no purchases were made, you will not receive a statement. Check the statement against your receipts and make sure you have documentation for each purchase listed on the statement. Attach all corresponding receipts and record log to the back of the statement . Both the cardholder and the approver must sign and date the statement and send to Purchasing. It is a requirement to send in statements on a bi-weekly basis!

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