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Step 7 Resolving Disputes Discrepancies

Resolving procurement card problems is very similar to the process you would follow with a personal credit card, except Purchasing Services will be involved if initial contacts do not settle the problems. Disputed billings usually result from the following:

  • Failure to receive goods or services charged
  • Unprocessed Credits
  • Altered Charges
  • Duplicate Charges
  • Fraud or misuse (If you suspect fraud, contact US Bank Customer Service and Purchasing Services immediately). The credit card company may also contact you via e-mail or phone if they suspect fraud may have occurred on your account. You will then by instructed to immediately call 1-800-523-9078 to verify charges made.

The cardholder is responsible for initially contacting the vendor as soon as possible on any erroneous charges, disputed items, or returns.

If the problem is non-receipt of an order and the vendor claims to have shipped it, contact Central Stores (X3570) to see if the order has arrived. If it has arrived without an adequate delivery address, Campus Stores may have it in a holding area pending identification.

If the cardholder is unable to reach agreement with the vendor, the next step is to contact Card Member Customer Service. They must also be notified of any disputed item within sixty (60) days of the billing cycle in which the item was purchased. All documentation should be kept for credits, returns, exchanges, and disputes as well as purchases.

If any discrepancies are found, talk to the vendor to get a copy of supporting documentation or question charge and request credit be issued. If this can not be resolved with the vendor on a timely basis, it should be disputed. Report any discrepancies that are unresolved by filling out a dispute form and faxing it directly to US Bank. 

Cardmember Services Dispute Form

24-Hour Card Member Customer Service 1-800-393-3526 (# is on back of your credit card). If outside the U.S. call 701-461-0346 collect.

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