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Step 6 Sales Tax Exemption

The University of Wisconsin-River Falls is exempt from Wisconsin sales and use tax on its purchases. UW-RF is also exempt from federal sales tax, however does have to pay Federal excise tax on gasoline. Some states or cities may require you to pay sales tax for purchases made in those states, depending upon their laws.

Most local merchants are aware of UWRF's tax status, but when making a purchase mention you are tax-exempt. The sales clerk may need to key it in differently or complete additional paperwork.

The tax-exempt number for UW System is ES40706. You can order a personalized Tax Exempt Card from the Accounts Payable Office. The number is also indicated on your Procurement card in the upper right hand corner. If you need to provide the merchant or vendor with a tax exempt certificate, print one using link provided below:

Wisconsin- Tax and Exemption Form

Minnesota- Tax and Exemption Form

Tax Exemption Letter

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