Procurement Card Information

Step 5 When Not to Use the Card

Purchases over $1,500 and including:

  • Capital equipment
  • Employee Travel Expenses
  • Technology-Related (Computers, Tablets, Software, App's, Printers etc.)
  • ALL Apple Products
  • Insurance (Must be processed through Risk Management)
  • Cash advances
  • Gift Cards*
  • Flowers, gifts, and awards *
  • Gasoline/Fuel *
  • Meals or entertainment *
  • Personal items
  • Postage
  • Printing
  • Telephone & cellular phone services
  • Alcoholic Beverages

All UW employees who travel on UW business at least once per calendar year should apply for a Corporate Travel Card to be used for the majority of their University sponsored travel expenses.

* These are not all-inclusive, and there may be some exceptions.  See the Cardholder Manual, your department head, contact Jenelle Gregor ext. 3263 or email for more information.


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