Opening Week Events

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As we look forward to the beginning of the Fall 2017 Semester, I hope that you will be able to participate in many of the events listed below.

Dean Van Galen

                        Fall 2017 Opening Events

Monday, August 21, 2017


Opening Meeting
Page Arena, Falcon Center                                                                                                            


All-Campus Hospitality Hour
Upstairs Concourse, Falcon Center

College Meetings

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


New Faculty and IAS Orientation
UC 334, by Invitation


Chair Workshop
UC 331, by Invitation                                                                                                                                             

Wednesday August 23, 2017


New Faculty And IAS Orientation
UC 334, by Invitation


UC 331 
Ms. Anne Bilder, J.D., Senior System Legal Counsel
Ms. Erin Kastberg, J.D., Senior System Legal Counsel    


Title IX and Distinguishing between Informal and Formal Complaints
UC 331
Ms. Anne Bilder, J.D., Senior System Legal Counsel
Ms. Erin Kastberg, J.D., Senior System Legal Counsel


Student Engagement in the Classroom
UC 331
Ms. Jane Xiong, Instructional Designer and Academic Systems Administrator
Mr. John Murphy, Teaching and Learning Technologies Manager

This session will provide an overview of the pedagogy of student engagement in the classroom and ways that technology can facilitate it. Learn more about the clicker student response system, one specific technology available to faculty and students. Topics such as ways to incorporate clickers into your course, how to gain access to them, and technology support for them, will be covered.


Teaching and Learning: Evidence and Myth
UC 331
Dr. Cyndi Kernahan, Professor and Assistant Dean for Teaching and Learning, College of Arts and Sciences

In this session, we will cover some of biggest myths out there about teaching and learning along with some of the best evidence-based strategies we have so far for increasing student learning. Discussion will focus on how to incorporate these ideas into your courses. There will also be a test!


Teaching and Learning Technologies Support and Services
UC 331
Ms. Jane Xiong, Instructional Designer and Academic Systems Administrator
Mr. John Murphy, Teaching and Learning Technologies Manager

This session will provide an overview of the support and services offered by the Teaching and Learning Technologies department, including instructional design consultation, online course teaching and development assistance, and classroom technology assistance. Learn more about D2L, the online course learning management system, and related online course tools and how they can be used to support effective teaching and learning. Instructional design best practices will also be discussed, with time for participant interaction.

Thursday, August 24, 2017 Department Meetings


Friday, August 25, 2017


New Faculty and Staff Orientations
UC 334, by Invitation


Grants, Research, and Intellectual Property Essentials
UC 334
Dr. Diane Bennett, Director of Grants and Research
Dr. Kristen Ruka, WiSys Regional Associate

A tour of the UWRF grants and research services as well as the technology management resources provided through WiSys. This talk is geared toward UWRF faculty, administration, or staff members who are interested in funding and support for research, development, and/or commercialization of ideas.

Monday, August 28, 2017 Open Sessions


Working Syllabi Requirements
UC 331
Dr. Wes Chapin, Professor and Associate Vice Chancellor

This session will cover the requirements for working syllabi, as needed for accreditation purposes and in accordance with the spring 2018 Faculty Senate motion related to this issue.  Every instructor who is unfamiliar with these new requirements should attend.  Handouts will be provided.


"Uncovering the Sustainability in Your Existing Courses"
UC 331

Faculty will learn strategies for uncovering sustainability topics, exercises, discussions, and assignments that are already embedded in their own courses.  Every discipline takes place, and these environments are variously urban or rural, built or narrated, cultural or ecological.  We will review these strategies, giving participants time to brainstorm and discuss. We will then present examples of these strategies at use in UWRF's new Sustainable Justice minor, drawing on courses in Plant and Earth Science (Drs. Veronica Justen and Jill Coleman-Wasik), Literature (Dr. Greta Gaard), Education (Drs. Florence Monsour and Mary Wright), Stage and Screen Arts (Dr. Robin Murray).


International Education
UC 331
Ms. Katrina Larsen, Assistant Vice Chancellor and Executive Director of International Education
Dr. Rich Wallace, Professor and Sociology, Criminology, and Anthropology Department Chair
Ms. Megan Langie, Education Abroad Advisor


Undergraduate Research and Faculty Research
UC 331
Dr. Lissa Schneider-Rebozo; Professor, English, and Director, Undergraduate Research, Scholarly and Creative Activity
Dr. Neil Kraus, Professor and Chair of Political Science and International Studies
Dr. John Heppen, Professor, Geography
Dr. Greta Gaard, Professor, English
Dr. Kevyn Juneau, Assistant Professor, Conservation and Environmental Science
Dr, Wei Zheng, Professor, Management and Marketing

Panelists will address key questions related to research:  How and why to engage in research in an institution like UWRF, with such a heavy teaching load?  What are the connections between faculty research and undergraduate research?  How do faculty and undergraduate research reinforce each other?

Tuesday, August 29, 2017 Open Sessions


Ability Services
UC 331
Ms. Deb Morgan, Ability Services

Participants will learn how students qualify for accommodations, and what "accommodations" mean both to the student and the instructor.                                                                                                               


Engaging Excellence: The Honors Program at UWRF
UC 331
Dr. Kathleen Hunzer, Associate Professor and Director of the Honors Program and Falcon/Chancellor's Scholars

Join Dr. Kathleen Hunzer, Director of the Honors Program, for this informational session in which she explains the structure of the Honors Program at UWRF, describes how to advise students in the program, and explains how you can become involved with these high-achieving students. 


3-D Printing
UC 331
Dr. Jim Madsen, Professor and Chair of Physics


Campus Leadership Workshop
UC 331, by Invitation

Wednesday, August 30, 2017 Advising/International Registration Open Sessions


Human Resources Orientation
UC 331
Ms. Michelle Drost, Human Resources Director
Ms. Brenda Creighton, Human Resources Manager
Ms. Tracey Nyeggen, IS Professional/Payroll
Ms. Jennifer Friedman, Benefits Specialist

Introduction for new employees to HR resources, onboarding documents, benefits and our campus culture. In addition, participants will have an opportunity to ask questions of HR Staff.


Assessment of Modes of Instruction
UC 334
Dr. Tim Buttles, Professor and Coordinator for Learning Effectiveness
Dr. Wes Chapin, Professor and Associate Vice Chancellor

Beginning in 2016-17, all programs and faculty who teach courses in multiple modes (e.g. face to face, hybrid, online, international, J-term, Summer, compressed courses) will need to provide assessment data.  The Higher Learning Commission and the U.S. Department of Education require that we complete these assessments to demonstrate that learning is equivalent in every mode of instruction.  This session will provide suggestions about how to conduct the assessments.


Assessment of Modes of Instruction for Programs in the 2017-18 PP-PAR Cycle
UC 334
Dr. Joy Benson, Professor and Assessment Committee Chair
Dr. Tim Buttles, Professor and Coordinator for Learning Effectiveness
Dr. Wes Chapin, Professor and Associate Vice Chancellor
Other members of the Assessment Committee

This session is an opportunity for programs in the 2017-18 PP-PAR cycle to meet face to face with members of the Faculty Senate Assessment Committee.  The objectives are to address general assessment questions and the new requirement to assess sections offered in multiple modes of instruction.


ADEPT 101: Assistance Dog Education Program and Training - the who, what, when and why of seeing an increase in assistance dogs in-training around campus
UC 331
Ms. Linda Ball, Founder & Executive Director (Pawsitive Perspectives Assistance Dogs – PawPADs)
Dr. Beth Rausch, Assistant Professor, Department of Animal and Food Science

Learn about the newly updated service dog training program at UW-River Falls, now called ADEPT. Learn about the training of the assistance dogs on campus and why you'll be seeing an increase in number of dogs around campus. There will be an opportunity to meet a dog or two and have your questions answered.


The Possitive Power of Servant Leadership
UC Kinni Theater - tentatively
Dr. Tom Thibodeau, Viterbo University

Servant leadership is meaningful and when people find meaning in their work they are more engaged. Servant leadership is ethical; it is doing what is right and good every day. Servant leadership is practical and can be practiced by all of us to inspire and influence the people we serve.


Instructional and Non-Instructional Academic Staff Appreciation Event
St. Croix River Room, UC
Sponsored by Academic Staff Council

As we approach the start of the academic year, the Academic Staff Council would like to recognize the contributions that all UW-River Falls Instructional and Non-Instructional Academic Staff have on the campus community. You are cordially invited to attend the appreciation event during opening week, please mark your calendar! 

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Advising and Registration, Freshmen and Transfer Students