National Association of School Psychologists Led by UW-River Falls Professor

Todd SavageJuly 15, 2015 -- Over the next year, a University of Wisconsin-River Falls Associate Professor and School Psychologist Todd Savage will be using his new position as president of a national organization to create safer learning environments in the nation's schools. 

Savage began his term as president of the National Association of School Psychologists on July 1. Under his leadership, he aims to promote cordial learning environments in order to overcome issues like bullying and depression among students. 

"When students feel welcomed, respected, and encouraged to achieve their best at school, they are more likely to have higher achievement, a more positive self-image, and improved behavior," Savage said. "Problems with school climate, on the other hand, can contribute to issues such as the achievement gap, bullying, stress, and depression. In particular, we need to make sure that students with special needs, LGBTQ students, and other higher risk populations are included and supported fully." 

And he'll have the platform to do it. As president of the largest organization of school psychologists in the world, Savage will represent more than 25,000 school psychologists throughout the United States and abroad. He'll be the face of NASP and the ambassador for the profession, representing their interests to legislators in Washington, D.C. and speaking at state conferences all across the country. 

"Creating welcoming, safe learning environments in schools must be a top priority," Savage said. 

Savage began teaching at UW-River Falls seven years ago, bringing with him a strong interest in social justice issues, culturally-responsive education and LGBT student issues. He teaches courses in diversity and inclusion, consultation, assessment, advocacy and public policy, research, and crisis prevention and intervention. He has coauthored numerous publications related to culturally responsive practice, LGBT student issues, and school crisis prevention and intervention matters. 

Savage received an undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Minnesota, and a master's in education, an educational specialist degree, and a doctorate in school psychology from the University of Kentucky. Savage has worked professionally in Nebraska, Kentucky, New Mexico and Wisconsin. 

For more information, call Larry Solberg, dean of the College of Education and Professional Studies at UW-River Falls, at 715-425-3774 or email

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