Architect selected for Science and Technology Innovation Center

February 24, 2020 – The new Science and Technology Innovation Center the University of Wisconsin-River Falls will be designed by BWBR an architecture firm based in Madison. BWBR will lead a team of consulting architects and engineers for the project.

“We are very excited by this news,” said UWRF Campus Planner Dale Braun. “BWBR brings strength and experience in designing undergraduate science instruction facilities that will be optimal for our program.”

The proposed SciTech facility is critical to addressing outdated science facilities and ensuring UW-River Falls is able to effectively educate students by providing an affordable and high-quality education, by increasing undergraduate research opportunities, and by meeting industry demand in Wisconsin’s high growth industries. The facility will have an impact on the entire campus, serving students from a wide range of majors.

“We are delighted that the design process for SciTech is moving forward with the selection of BWBR,” UW-River Falls Chancellor Dean Van Galen said. “We were very grateful for the $2 million in planning funds invested by the State of Wisconsin, so proceeding now in a timely fashion through the planning and design phase will be an important testament to our commitment to this project.”

The SciTech design process will be participatory, involving many stakeholders, to ensure creation of the most effective state-of-the-art STEM facility for educating students while also engaging local business and industry leaders to envision how SciTech can foster collaborative research, internship and innovative partnerships throughout our region, Van Galen said. This process will surely benefit from BWBR’s expertise and leadership, he said.

“Universities across the country recognize that modernizing their aging learning environments is needed to satisfy the demand for STEM graduates and prepare students to enter the workforce,” said BWBR Principal Stephanie McDaniel. “In a state where research and innovation is driving growth and near one of the most dynamic metro markets for engineering and technology, UW-River Falls is in an enviable position to create a marquee Science and Technology Innovation Center. We are excited to continue our work with the university community to shape this vision for STEM education.”

BWBR, an employee-owned firm, was selected by an interview committee composed of representatives of UW-River Falls, UW-System Administration and the State Division of Facilities Development and Management.

Braun anticipates design sessions beginning as early as April.

For more information, email Braun at or call 715-425-3840.

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