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The Chalmer Davee Library adheres to the American Library Association's policy on exhibit spaces by providing exhibit space as a venue for individuals and groups to display works of art, publicize special events, promote a cause or an organization, or show off a hobby. The library's Harriet Barry Gallery is in a high profile, well-traveled area and is open to the university community, local artists, and members of the general public. In addition to the gallery, the library houses several free standing glass cases as well as two recessed wall spaces. Anyone interested in using the gallery or exhibit spaces should e-mail

Please refer to the Exhibit Guidelines for additional information.

Three Female Saints, library exhibition 2002.
Three Female Saints.

Harriet Barry Gallery exhibit, 2004.

 gallery photo
Harriet Barry Gallery
Gallery Dimensions

 recessed case
The library also has several free standing
and recessed wall cases for exhibits:
(Left) Lg. Wall Case: 120" x 62" x 16"
Sm. Wall Case: 62" x 62" x 16"
Table Cases: 60" x 30" x 10.5"

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