Chalmer Davee Library

Mission and Goals 2011-2013


The Chalmer Davee Library advances the university's culture of learning by providing authoritative resources and professional services, and supports the teaching, learning and research efforts of our students, faculty, staff, and the community.

Theme 1: Information Resources

The library supports the curriculum and meets the informational and recreational needs of students, faculty, staff, and the community at large with quality information resources.

Goal 1:  Investigate options for providing e-book content to students and faculty and begin an e-book pilot project.

Goal 2:  Evaluate the resources included in MetaLib Quicksets and Categories, including architecture and content.

Goal 3:  Evaluate the Primo Central target configuration.

Theme 2: Information Literacy

The library facilitates learning by collaborating with faculty, staff, and students to develop information literacy skills.

Goal 1:   Develop a program to reach out to administrative departments on campus to promote library resources and services.

Goal 2:  Develop additional programming to provide general library instruction, in addition to course-related instruction, and assess the effectiveness of these efforts.

Goal 3: Explore options for development of a departmental library liaison program to promote library services and resources to academic departments.    

Theme 3: Library Environment

The library maintains an environment that is inviting, comfortable and conducive to study and research and that meets the needs of an expanding student population.

Goal 1:  Continue to work with Facilities Management to re-carpet public areas on the main and upper floor.

Goal 2:  Convert the microform reading room into study/lounge space.

Theme 4: Technological Initiatives

The library employs technology to:  improve access to information resources; provide timely and efficient access to library services; support staff productivity; and enhance the research experience.

Goal 1:  Participate fully in the UW-System project to acquire and implement a new resource discovery tool.

Goal 2:  Continue to work cooperatively with DoTS and Fast Copy to explore options for a cost recovery system for library public printing services.

Goal 3:  Implement Xerxes to improve the MetaLib interface by June 2012.

Goal 4: Implement PastPerfect to provide in-house access to Archives' photographs, museum objects, and unprocessed archival collections.

Goal 5: Beta test Meebo chat (in Archives) for answering quick reference questions.

Theme 5: Collaboration

The library collaborates with University of Wisconsin System libraries to strengthen resources and services. The library participates in resource-sharing networks to provide access to materials not available locally.

Goal 1:  Participate fully in Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries (CUWL), University of Wisconsin System Archives Council (UWSAC), and University of Wisconsin Records Officers Council (UWROC) committees and their initiatives and projects.

Goal 2:  The library works to advance the Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries Strategic Directions.  

Theme 6: Local Collections/Materials

The library preserves and makes available the permanent and historical records and the intellectual output of the university, and the historical records of Burnett, Pierce, Polk, and St. Croix counties.

Goal 1:  Develop the procedures to implement the policy of mandatory submission of graduate theses and papers into MINDS@UW-River Falls.

Goal 2:  Continue to work with the campus community to add more of the University's intellectual output into MINDS@UW-River Falls.

Theme 7:  Revenue Generation

The library supplements its budget through revenue generation and private fundraising.

Goal 1:  Update materials related to the Library Endowment and develop a plan to raise awareness of the Endowment.

Goal 2:  Raise revenue equivalent to 1.2% of the library's GPR budget by implementing fines and fees in the library and University Archives and Area Research Center.  

Adopted May 5, 2011

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