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MINDS@UW-River Falls Submission Information

The following provides information for faculty, staff and students who wish to submit an item or items for inclusion in MINDS@UW-River Falls. 

UWRF Graduate Students submitting Theses or Research Papers:

Students will complete the following steps for submission of final draft:

    • Obtain all required faculty signatures on the paper cover
    • Make any corrections as directed by your Advisor/Committee. Be sure to close any comments or notes in the paper.
    • Ensure formatting is in accordance to the national standard approved by your department (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.)
    • Convert and save as a PDF
    • Login to BP Logix and complete the MINDS@UW Submission Form
        • Within the form, you will upload your final draft and signed cover sheet
        • Submit the form and it will be sent to the faculty advisor for review and approval
    • Drop off a physical copy of the paper with faculty signatures to the Graduate Studies Office located in 104 North Hall.
    • Faculty Advisors will receive an email notification indicating a student has submitted their paper and completed MINDS Approval Form. The advisor will review the form to ensure all sections are completed and correct. If the form needs any corrections, add comments in the text box and return to the student.

 UWRF Undergraduate Students and UWRF Faculty/Staff

  • Send an electronic version of your work(s) (PDF, Power Point, Word Document, Image) via email to  If the file is too large to deliver via email, please contact us to make other arrangements.

If you have any questions or if you have trouble with the forms, please contact us at

Chalmer Davee Library at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls is a nonprofit institution of higher education and is responsible, in part, for the collection and preservation of digital resources of interest. The university, on behalf of the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents, respectfully requests permission to digitize your work(s) for Internet distribution in image and text formats for an unlimited term. Digitized versions will be made available via the Internet, for on-line and off-line educational use, with a copyright statement identifying your rights as copyright holder and the terms of the grant of permissions.

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