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Honors Program applications are accepted on a rolling basis; however we encourage you to apply early for advising purposes, program updates, and upcoming event announcements.   


HON 371 – Service Learning Coursework for Fall 2019
DUE: Thursday, December 19, 2019 at 4:00pm, Hagestad Hall 139.

If you are registered for HON 371, keep a log of your hours as you complete your service learning experience in order to prove that you have met the required number of hours for your designated credits.  At the end of the semester, submit this log and a reflection of your experience doing these volunteer hours.  If you are taking this class for 1 credit, your reflection essay should be 2 pages; for 2 credits, 3-4 pages; and for 3
credits, 5-6 pages.  Use this essay to analyze how this experience shaped you, how it relates to your life and your future, or any other information that helps demonstrate what you learned from the experience. 

HON 498 – Honors Project Coursework &/or Form with Final Signature for Spring 2019
DUE:  Thursday, December 19,, 2019 at 4:00pm, Hagestad Hall 139.

If you are registered for HON 498, once you complete the project that you outlined on your original HON 498 Form, have your instructor sign the form marking the project as completed (Step 4), and then return the form to us in Hagestad Hall 139. 








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