Matching Gifts

Over 15,000 companies match gifts

Many corporations match their employee, retiree, and/or volunteer gifts dollar-for-dollar (or more!). These companies have specific requirements governing the matching program. We ask that you or your partner contact the Human Resources Department to determine if the company matches employee contributions.


How do I know if my company matches gifts?
Information regarding matching gift programs is normally available from your human resources department. If your company has a website, information can often be found posted there as well. Some companies restrict matching gifts designations or may limit gifts to particular social needs. Review your employer's specific policies regarding any possible limitations. Below is a list of companies that have recently made matching gifts to the UW-River Falls Foundation.

What do I do I learn my company will match my gift?
Request a matching gift form and send the completed form to:
UW-River Falls Foundation
410 S 3rd Street
River Falls, WI 54022

How beneficial is my corporate match to UW-River Falls?
Your company's matching gift program gives you a chance to make a greater impact on our campus. In the past 5 years, the UW-River Falls Foundation has received over $375,000 from donors who matched their gifts.

I am retiring, will my company continue to match my gift?
Yes, it's a possibility! Companies, like 3M, will match qualified retiree gifts. Review your employer's specific policies regarding any possible limitations.

What will the matching gift money support?
In most cases the matching gift funds will follow your original gift designation. For example, if you support a specific campus project, the matching gift will go to that same campus project.

Do I get credit for the matching gift?
You will receive a soft credit on your giving record for the matching gift amount received. These gifts count towards your total annual contribution and are used when determining your qualifications for inclusion in our donor societies.

How will I know if you receive the matching gift?
We appreciate the extra time you took to initiate the matching gift process and will send you a postcard when your gift has been matched.

Companies that match gifts to UW-River Falls*

*These companies have matched gifts to UW-River Falls in the past. Even if your company isn't listed, it may still have a matching gift program! Please check your company's intranet site or human resources department to verify your company's charitable giving policies.