Forms - Internal Use

Information Request Form

Information Request Form: Please use the Information Request Form when requesting information/data from the UW-River Falls Foundation. Please allow 7-10 days to process your request. 

Fundraising Project Request Form

Fundraising Project Request Form: The UWRF Foundation receives many requests from colleges, departments, faculty, and staff to support a variety of fundraising projects.  The Fundraising Project Request Form assists the Foundation and campus leadership in prioritizing projects that have the highest potential benefit to campus and best allocates limited resources.

Fund Forms

Fund Expenditure Guidelines: These guidelines outline permissible and prohibited expenses from Foundation accounts. If you are responsible for spending from a Foundation account, please reference and familiarize yourself with this policy as you make a request for payment.UWRF FOUNDATION FUND EXPENDITURE GUIDELINES

Request for Payment Form: Use this form to have money paid from your UWRF Foundation account. Examples include: payment that needs to be made to a university account, an outside vendor or individual.REQUEST FOR PAYMENT FORM

Request for Transfer Form: Use this form to transfer funds from one UWRF Foundation account to another UWRF Foundation account. An example would be transferring money from your Foundation department account to a Foundation scholarship account.REQUEST FOR TRANSFER FORM

Deposit Form: Fund managers should use this form when they need to deposit money into their UWRF Foundation account.DEPOSIT FORM

Fund Change Form: Use this form to update fund information (manager, name, purpose, etc.) of an existing Foundation account.FUND CHANGE FORM

Foundation New Account Form: Use this form when you are establishing a new fund.FOUNDATION NEW ACCOUNT FORM

Close Account Request Form: Use this form when you are interested in closing a UWRF Foundation account. CLOSE ACCOUNT REQUEST FORM

If you have questions about these forms, please contact the Foundation Office at 425-3545.

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