Faculty and Staff

Jang, Eunjee

eunjee jang

Eunjee Jang

Assistant Professor
member of graduate faculty

Start Year: 2023

Office: 259 Kleinpell Fine Arts
Phone: 715-425-3193



Ph.D. State University of New York at Buffalo

•  Secondary School Teaching Certification in English, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, South Korea  
•  TESOL Certificate, California State University, Eastbay, CA

Courses Taught:

•  ENGL 100 Academic Reading and Writing (Undergrad)
•  ENGL 101 Freshman English for International Students (undergrad)
•  ENGL 201 Investigating Ideas: Reading, Writing, and the Disciplines for English Language Learners 
•  ENGL 211 Introduction to TESOL: Reading and Writing (Undergrad)
•  ENGL 220 Structure of English (Undergrad)
•  ENGL 360 Theory and Methodology of TESOL (Undergrad)
•  ENGL 420 Pedagogical Grammar (Undergrad)
•  ENGL 450/650 Non-Native Speakers in the Midwest (Undergrad/Grad, online)
•  TESL 767 Teaching ESOL Reading (Grad, online)

Research Interests:

Bilingual and biliteracy education; dual immersion programs; reading engagement (motivation and metacognitive strategies); culturally and linguistically sustaining pedagogy; academic resilience.

Professional Activities:

Conference Presentations
Jang, E., Seo, Y.S., & Brutt-Griffler, J. (2024, April) Exploring reading motivation, metacognitive strategies, and achievement among multilingual and English-dominant students, 2024 AERA Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA.
Jang, E., & Seo, Y.S. (2023, March). The effects of motivational and cognitive engagement on multilingual students’ reading achievement. Paper accepted for the 2023 Conference of the AAAL, Portland, OR.

Jang, E. (2021, April). Contextual understanding of literacy skills of language-minoritized bilinguals: A cross-country comparative study. Presented at the Student Academic Excellence Poster Presentations, SUNY at Buffalo.

Brutt-Griffler, J., & Jang, E. (2021, April). Early biliteracy development: Key factors that facilitate its development in a dual language program. Presented at the 2021 AERA Annual Meeting (virtual conference).

Brutt-Griffler, J., & Jang, E. (2021, March). Early biliteracy development: Research and policy implications for dual language programs, Presented at the 2021 Conference of the AAAL.
Brutt-Griffler, J., & Jang, E. (2019, April). Dual language programs: An exploration of students’ academic achievement, bilingual proficiencies and school identification. Presented at the 2019 AERA Annual Meeting, Toronto, Canada.

Jang. E. (2017, April). Exploring language program pipelines to bachelor’s degree attainment. Presented at 2017 Graduate School of Education Symposium, SUNY at Buffalo, NY.

Jang. E. (2017, March). Heritage language as a bridge to higher education. Presented at the 2017 Conference of the AAAL, Portland, OR.

Riazantseva, A., & Jang. E. (2016, April). The relationship between L2 English proficiency and academic success in higher education. Presented at the 2016 Conference of the AAAL, Orlando, FL.

Jang, E., & Han, Y. (2015, March). EFL graduate students’ socialization into academic discourse in American university. Presented at the TESOL 2015 International Convention & English Language Expo, Toronto, Canada.

Professional Associations 
•  American Association for Applied Linguistics 
•  American Educational Research Association  
•  TESOL International Associations (2015–present)


Jang, E., & Brutt-Griffler, J. (2023). Between- and within-school tracking and literacy skills of multilingual young adults: Across-national comparative study. International Journal of Educational Research, 120, 102210.
Jang, E., Seo, Y. S., & Brutt-Griffler, J. (2023). Building academic resilience in literacy: Digital reading practices and motivational and cognitive engagement. Reading Research Quarterly, 58(1), 160-176. (Recognized as a top cited article 2022-2023)

Brutt-Griffler, J., & Jang, E. (2022). Dual language programs: An exploration of bilingual students’ academic achievement, language proficiencies and engagement using a mixed methods approach. International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, 25(1), 1–22.

Jang, E., & Brutt-Griffler, J. (2019). Language as a bridge to higher education: A large-scale empirical study of heritage language proficiency on language minority students’ academic success. Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development, 40(4), 322–337.
Jang, E., & Kim, J. (2015). Uses of smartphone apps for English listening practice. Studies in English Education, 20(1), 27-53.

Jang, E., & Kim, J. (2012). The effects of task types on English writing performance in social media-based learning environments. English Language & Literature Teaching, 8(2), 45-66.
Jang, E., Won, E., & Jeong, D. (2011). The effects of using Smartphones to assist lexical inferencing strategies in vocabulary learning. Modern English Education, 12(3), 342-367.

Jang, E., Won, E., Kang, K., & Jeong, D. (2010). The university learner responses to mobile social media-based vocabulary learning. English Language & Literature, 15(2), 145-165. 

Eunjee Jang joined the English department as an assistant professor of TESOL in 2023. She earned her PhD from the State University of New York at Buffalo. Her research focuses on equity-oriented language and literacy education for English Learners in both monolingual and bilingual settings. She has a particular interest in bilingual and biliteracy education, dual immersion programs, reading engagement (motivation and metacognitive strategies), culturally and linguistically sustaining pedagogy, and academic resilience. In exploring these topics, she employs quantitative and mixed-methods approaches, drawing on data from international and national large-scale assessments. Her recent research published in Reading Research Quartey has been recognized as one of the top cited papers in the journal (2022-2023). She serves on the editorial board of Multimedia-Assisted Language Learning, sponsored by the Korea Association of Multimedia-Assisted Language Learning. In her free time, she enjoys collecting fridge magnets, stickers, and pins. She is bilingual, speaking Korean and English.