Faculty and Staff

Voronin, Grace

Grace Lewis

Grace Lewis

Assistant Professor

Animal and Food Science
Office: Ag Science Building
Phone: 715-425-4873



2021 – Ph.D. in Food Science – Pennsylvania State University (University Park, PA)

2018 – B.Sc. in Food Science – Pennsylvania State University (University Park, PA)

Courses Taught:

FDSC 202 Dairy Manufacturing I

FDSC 302 Dairy Manufacturing II

FDSC 389 Dairy Products Evaluation

Research Interests:

Processing interventions to improve dairy protein functionality

Dairy food byproduct enhancement and utilization

High-pressure technologies

Nanoparticles, emulsions, and foams

Professional Activities:

Journal of Dairy Science (Editorial Board)

American Dairy Science Association (Member)

Institute of Food Technologists (Member)


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 Peer reviewed

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