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Heppen, John


John Heppen


Start Year: 2002

Politics, Geography and International Studies
Office: 342 Kleinpell Fine Arts
Phone: 715-425-4244



B.A., Geography - Michigan State University;
M.A., Ph.D., Geography - Louisiana State University.

Dr. Heppen's teaching and research interests are in the human, political, and historical geography of the United States. He also likes teaching courses on Latin America and Asia. His primary research interests lie in changing electoral geographies as the result of new social and economic geographies. His major research methods include the statistical and spatial analysis of political, social, economic, and demographic data. He h as conducted research at national and local scales including Louisiana, California, and the Midwest.  

Dr. Heppen enjoys mentoring students in their own research and working with them in exploring a wide range of geographic pursuits. He also has an interest in geographic education and serves as the faculty adviser to the Student Geography Organization (SGO). In his spare time, he enjoys sports, sports memorabilia, comic books, and railroads.

Atlas of the 2020 Elections edited by Robert H. Watrel, Kimberly Johnson Maier, Ryan Weichelt, Fiona M. Davidson, John Heppen, Erin H. Fouberg, J. Clark Archer, Richard Morrill, Fred M. Shelley, Kenneth C. Martis

Geographies of the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election edited by Barney Warf and John Heppen

Geography, History, and the American Political Economy edited by John Heppen and Samuel M. Otterstrom