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Geoffrey Scheurman

Geoffrey Scheurman

Geoffrey Scheurman

member of graduate faculty

Start Year: 1993

Teacher Education
Office: 128 Wyman Teacher Education Bldg



Ph.D. University of Iowa (Educational Psychology)
M.A. University of Wyoming (Curriculum and Instruction / American Studies)
B.A. University of Wyoming (Political Science/Economics; secondary teaching certification in Broad Area Social Studies)

Courses Taught:

TED100 – Introduction to Teaching and Technology
TED212 – Educational Psychology
TED420 – School and Society
TED433 – Techniques of Teaching Middle and Secondary Social Studies
TED740 – Historical, Philosophical, and Multicultural Foundations of Education
TED745 – Psychology of Teaching and Directed Field Experience
TED289 – U.S. Peoples, Cultures, and Education Systems for ZISU
TED713 – Elementary Social Studies Methods and Children’s Literature


Research Interests:

Constructivist teaching strategies
Inquiry learning and critical thinking
New Social Studies era in curriculum history
Future of Learning Theory: Jazz Improvisation and Quantum Classrooms

International Experience:
2019 – Visiting Scholar, Zhejiang International Studies University (Hangzhou)
2016 – Group Leader, International Classroom (UK and Europe)
2011 – Fulbright Roving Scholar in American Studies (Norway)

Professional Activities:

International Experience:
2004- Resident Faculty in Experience Scotland Program


Parallax view of disruptive learning narratives: Teacher educators and future teachers helping one another. Chapter in Sharma, et al. (Eds.). Disruptive learning narratives in international settings: Critical challenges in teacher education practicums abroad. Sense Publishing (with S. Parliament)

Improvisation and the Quantum Classroom: Musical and Scientific Metaphors to Guide Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century. Conference on Humanities and Arts in a Global World. Athens Institute for Education and Research. Athens, Greece.
From Microcosmic Revelations to Macrocosmic Revolutions: How Musical and Scientific Improvisation Can Address Impediments to Planetary Evolution. Invited plenary speaker for Sofia Earth Forum. Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research, University of Helsinki Pan-Eurasian Experiment (forthcoming).
Let There Be Tao on Earth: Coping with a Global Self-worth Pandemic. Invited paper for conference on “Facing Contemporary Challenges,” Council on Higher Education Philosophy and Ethics, University of Ia?i, Romania (forthcoming).

Constructivism and The New Social Studies: A Collection of Guided Inquiry Lessons. New York: Information Age Publisher, with R. Evans (Co-Editor). Project Director, Volume Editor, and contributing author, including:

  • Evanescence and Permanence: The Future of Social Studies in the Rear View Mirror (Chapter One).
  • Hiroshima: A Model and Template for Creating Document-based Inquiry (Chapter Ten).
  • From behaviorist to constructivist teaching and Revisiting Lexington Green (Chapter Five author). Reprinted and updated from 1998 Social Education article.

Contemporary Issues Dialogue: Book Talk on Constructivism and the New Social Studies. College and University Faculty Assembly, Chicago (with R. Evans).

Cold vs. Hot War: A Model for Building Conceptual Knowledge in History. Social Education.

American Identity. Magazine of History. Organization of American Historians, Guest Editor and contributing author, including my articles:

  • Still Searching for America: Conversations on National Identity (Foreword).
    A Canon for American Identity.
  • Choosing Five Americans who Got it Right, or History for Young Minds, coordinator and interviewer of J. Hakim (primary author).
  • America as Metaphor: Using Argument to Teach About American Identity.

A Link to the Past: Engaging Students in the Study of History. Washington, D.C.: NCSS Publications, with M. Yell (first author) and K. Reynolds.

Constructing Knowledge in Social Studies. Social Education. National Council for the Social Studies. Guest Editor (with M. Yell) and contributing author:

  • From Behaviorist to Constructivist Teaching.
  • Revisiting Lexington Green. Also translated and published in Japanese.
  • Authentic Intellectual Work in Social Studies: Putting Performance Before Pedagogy, with F. M. Newmann.
  • Actual and Virtual Reality: Making the Most of Field Trips, with J. Bellan.


How Democratic is Student Teaching: Lessons for everyone from Those Who Face such Questions Overseas? National Field Experience Conference, University of Northern Colorado.

Strategies for Exceeding the Common Core and C3. Full day pre-conference clinic, National Council for Social Studies, Washington, D.C, with M. Yell.

Ambassadors or Apologists for American Democracy: A New Twist for Student Teachers Overseas.Consortium of Overseas Student Teaching. Melbourne, Australia.

Sports as a Stage for Social Change and National Identity. NCSS, St Louis.

Singing From His Soul: The Triumph and Tragedy of Mr. Tanner. Society for the Arts Annual Conference. Berlin-Brandenburg (Germany) Academy of Sciences and Humanities.

The Egalitarian Dilemma: Paradoxes among Rights and Responsibilities in Norwegian Schools. Annual Fulbright Seminar (Oslo).

Obama as Hero: A New “King” or Another “Oprah”? American Studies Association of Norway Annual Conference. Kaunas, Lithuania.

Quantum Matchmakers: Social Studies and Science for the 21st Century. Symposium Chair and Presenter, NCSS, Houston, with J. Hakim and J. Donna.

Disperse, Rebels, Damn You: Confronting Future Teachers on Lexington Green. Conference for the Development of Teaching and Learning History. Oxford University, England.

Grants and Awards:

Teachers and the First Amendment Public Forum. Center for the Study of Institutions and Innovation. 

Teaching Online Institute, UW-System Learning Technology Council.

National Science Foundation Capacity Building Grant to design and implement Graduate STEM Teacher Preparation Program with Optional Masters. Co-Project Director (w/ E. Blodgett, et al.).

Best Teaching Practices for “Common Core” Literacy Across Disciplines: A Model of Expert Demonstration, Peer Coaching, and Mutual Feedback. UW System Faculty Training and Renewal Grant.

Fulbright Roving Scholar in American Studies, Norway, 2010-11.

Still Searching for America: Conversations on National Identity;
National Endowment for the Humanities Curriculum and Demonstration Grant. Project Director.

Outstanding Faculty, College of Education and Professional Studies, UWRF.

Distinguished Teacher, University of Wisconsin – River Falls (highest honor bestowed by university).