Faculty and Staff

Anderson, William


Bill Anderson

Professor of Crop Science
member of graduate faculty

Start Year: 1999



Ph.D. 1974 University of Nebraska (Crop production, physiology)
M.S. 1970 The Ohio State University (Turfgrass physiology)
B.S. 1969 The Ohio State University (Agronomy)

Courses Taught:

  • Introduction to Plant Science
  • Introduction to Soil Science
  • Introduction to Biotechnology
  • Soil Fertility
  • Sustainable Agriculture

Research Interests:

Professional Presentations

  • Frank, T. J., W. A. Anderson and V. Justen. 2011. Phenotypic Rating of Maize Dwarf Mosaic Virus Infection of Sweet Corn (Zea Mays saccharata). 2011 National SASES Meetings, Oct 17. San Antonio, TX
  • Druckrey, J., Y. Moon, N. Waterland and W. A. Anderson. 2011. Surviving Climate Change: Development of Heat or Drought Tolerant Crops Using Petunia As a Model System. 2011 National SASES Meetings, Oct 17. San Antonio, TX.
  • Anderson, William A., F. Durham, S. Frame, F. Jones and J. Tomkins. 2010. Sustainable Agriculture in Western Wisconsin. 2010 NACTA/SERD Conference. June 23. State College, PA.
  • Anderson, Bill, and Holly Dolliver. 2010. Soil Characteristics, Processes and Practical Implications. 21st Annual Organic Farming Conference. Feb 27. La Crosse, WI.
  • Bleskachek, Leslie K., and W. A. Anderson. 2005. Evaluating Transformational and Experiential Learning. (Council on International Educational Exchange International Conference, Miami, Florida. Invited.
  • Anderson, William A. 1994.Total quality management: Basic definitions and practical applications for higher education. American Society of Agronomy (ASA) national meetings, Seattle, WA. Invited.
  • Anderson, William A. 1990. Teaching alfalfa harvest timing using individual and collaborative learning strategies. ASA national meetings, San Antonio, TX
  • Anderson, William A. 1986. Farming internships for urban backgrounded faculty. ASA national meetings, New Orleans, LA.
  • Anderson, William A. 1983. Crop science reinforcement units for students with weak or nonfarm backgrounds. ASA national meetings, Washington, D. C.
  • Anderson, William A., C. Biggar and M. Guthrie. 1982. Educational tours for students - informative, inexpensive, easy to organize. ASA national meetings, Anaheim, CA.
  • Anderson, William A. 1979. A course format for effective teaching and course update. ASA national meetings, Fort Collins, CO.
  • Anderson, William A. 1978. Weed species plots. NACTA national meetings, Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA.

Professional Activities:

Professional Affiliations

  • American Society of Agronomy (1969 - present)
  • North American Colleges and Teachers in Agriculture (2000 - present)
  • National Association of Colleges and Teachers in Agriculture (1973-1992; 1994-1999)
  • American Association of State Colleges of Agriculture and Renewable Resources (1999-2003)
  • National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges (1995-2003)
  • Ohio Association of Regional Campuses (1992-1999)
  • Technical Agriculture Association (1996 - 1999) - founding member
  • Minnesota Association of Colleges and Teachers in Agriculture (1976 - 1992)
  • National Education Association (1981 - 1992)
  • American Forage and Grassland Council (1977 - 1992)
  • Crop Science Society of America (1969 - 1972; 1978 - 1980)
  • Council for Agricultural Science and Technology (1980 - 1984)


Refereed Journal Publications

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