Faculty and Staff

Zlesak, David

David Zlesak

David Zlesak

Professor of Horticulture

Start Year: 2009

Plant and Earth Science
Office: 305 Ag Science Building
Phone: 715-425-4415


Courses Taught:

Horticulture 120: Plants and Society
Horticulture 161: Introduction to Plant Science
Horticulture 200: Plant Propagation
Horticulture 352: Woody Landscape Plants
Horticulture 369: Plant Tissue Culture
Horticulture 452: Arboriculture and Nursery Management

Research Interests:

  • Coordinator of the Northern Earth-Kind® Rose Trials (purpose is to identify well-adapted, low maintenance landscape roses for our northern Midwest region).
  • Woody plant pathology.
  • Breeding regionally-adapted woody and herbaceous landscape plant cultivars.


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Horticulture Specializations:  

Woody plant identification, culture, pathology, and genetics; Plant propagation; and Plant breeding.


  • First Editions® Little DevilTM ninebark (PPAF)- Compact ninebark that won the 2011 American Nursery Landscape Association’s Garden Idol Award as the best new plant of the year
  • Oso HappyTM Smoothie rose (PPAF) 
  • Oso HappyTM Petit Pink rose (PP22,205)- Winner of the American Rose Society Award of Excellence for miniature roses 2012
  • Oso HappyTM Candy Oh! rose (PP20,471)
  • 'Tuscan Sun' heliopsis (PP18,763)
  • Monarch MedianoTM and Monarch GrandeTM series of ageratum (PPAF)