Subscribe Your Family to Emergency Alerts


You can subscribe an "emergency contact" (i.e., a family member) to the emergency alert notification system to receive notifications from the University.

The University categorizes these individuals into a separate notification list with tailored messages for parents, spouses, partners or other loved ones of the people from our University. They may not receive first level notification but may receive notifications as an incident persists. Every incident is different and notification means will be adopted by the Emergency Management Team as needed.

The instructions below will sign up your emergency contact for emergency notification. You must complete both steps to ensure text messages are received.

Signing Up For Emergency Alert Notifications to Emergency Contacts

Two Step Sign Up Process

Sign up is a two-step process.  You first enter your information into the student information system regarding your contact's information.  Weekly the University transfers that information to 

They then must confirm with your phone carrier that SchoolMessenger may send you text messages from the University.  You should notify your emergency contact that they will be sent a text message to which they must respond.

Step 1. Login to eSIS to update your information

You will need to login to eSIS at and provide us with the phone number where you prefer emergency messages be delivered.  Once you login to eSIS, follow these directions below.

Tip: Enter in only phone numbers you personally answer.  Do not use a company main number for example, but do enter a mobile or direct dial land line number


  1. Click the Self Service link on the left side of the screen
  2. Click on the "Campus Personal Information" link on the right
  3. Click then on "Emergency Contacts" link

Adding an Emergency Message Phone Number

  1. Click on "Add An Emergency Contact" button
  2. Enter in your contact's information (you can leave extension and country blank) an click Save.
  3. If not already checked, check the Primary Contact and click save. (only the primary contact will transfer to the emergency system)
  4. You can add additional secondary contacts, that could be used by the University if needed but these will not be transferred to the emergency notification system.

To receive text messages you MUST go on and complete step 2 to receive SMS texts.

Landlines are automatically ignored and you can also ignore step 2.  Text messages will not be sent to landlines, however voice calls will be sent to both land and wireless lines if that mode is selected by the Emergency Management Team.

Step 2. Activate Text Messaging on Demand

Your contact will need to tell their phone carrier that they are willing to receive text messages from the University.  If they do not do this they will NOT receive text messages regardless of what you put into the system in step 1.  Your contact is responsible for any text charges associated with receiving emergency text messages.

Send subscribe to 68453

They are successful if they receive the following reply message in about 15 minutes:

"You're now registered with SchoolMessenger notification service. Reply STOP to cancel, HELP for help. MSG&data rates may apply.3msgs/mo."

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