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Students, staff and faculty e-mail is automatically subscribed to the emergency alert notification system.  If you wish to receive text messages and phone calls you must sign up for that service.

Signing Up For Emergency Alert Notifications for Yourself

Two Step Sign Up Process

Sign up is a two-step process.  You first enter your information into Password Self-Service.  Weekly the University transfers that information to 

You then must confirm with your phone carrier that SchoolMessenger may send you text messages from the University.

Step 1. Login to Password Self-Service to update your information

You will need to login to Password Self-Service at and provide us with the phone number where you prefer emergency messages be delivered.

Self-Service steps

  1. Visit the Password Self-Service site and click the link for "Update Profile"
  2. Log in with your Falcon account username and password.
  3. Enter or update your emergency number.
  4. After entering and confirming your number, the web page will display the instructions that are listed in step 2 below. You will also receive an e-mail confirming your phone number update.

To receive text messages you MUST go on and complete step 2 to receive SMS texts.

Landlines are automatically ignored and you can also ignore step 2.  Text messages will not be sent to landlines, however voice calls will be sent to both land and wireless lines if that mode is selected by the Emergency Management Team.

While you are already in eSIS, you should verify that the remainder of your contact information is also up to date.  The University will use this information as part of the mass contact in situations that warrant that level of notification.  Your primary mode of contact will be the emergency number, however in situations that warrant the University may opt to send notifications to all phone contacts in our database.

Step 2. Activate Text Messaging on Demand

Tip: Complete this step from each mobile phone number you have registered in Step 1.

You need to tell your phone carrier that you are willing to receive text messages from the University.  If you do not do this you will NOT receive text messages regardless of what you put into the system in step 1.

Send subscribe to 68453

You’ll know you were successful if you receive the following reply message in about 15 minutes:

"You're now registered with SchoolMessenger notification service. Reply STOP to cancel,HELP for help. MSG&data rates may apply.3msgs/mo."

You are responsible for text charges incurred for receiving any emergency text messages You’ll want to repeat the opt-in subscribe process for any wireless numbers that you wish to include.  Once per year you will be asked to renew that option, simply follow the instructions at that time to option in for another year.

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